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  1. Tvp Recruitment

    No I meant to put live but auto correct changed it... I withdrew my application after speaking with special's recruitment in mu area
  2. Tvp Recruitment

    I decided to join tvp instead as its where I lie atm and saves me relocating to Scotland
  3. Tvp Recruitment

    hello all, has anyone recently gone through th TVP special constable recruitment? ive passed eligibility just waiting to arrange a interview now, safe to say I'm nervous as I don't know what to expect just looking to see who I could be possibly working alongside in the future :) James :)
  4. ive just brought the "how to become a police officer" apparently its good and helps a lot im just waiting for it to be delivered
  5. Vetting

    Find out the name of recruitment centre and Google the recruitment centre it usually brings up reception number yhen ask to be put through to vetting
  6. Vetting

    I haven't seen the vetting form so can't help you there may be worth giving them a call first thing and ask
  7. Vetting

    None of those will affect the vetting side, as long as you can show you have nothing to do with your brother all is good, also the only thing that will affect the vetting for yourself will be any adverse or unpaid fines But yes declare absolutely everything
  8. Hello (& A Vetting Form Question)

    Apologies it's jamesspencer645@gmail.com
  9. Hello (& A Vetting Form Question)

    Also it is police Scotland you want right?
  10. Hello (& A Vetting Form Question)

    Ok no worries have one of my "ghost" accounts and email me jamesspencer654@gmail.com
  11. Hello (& A Vetting Form Question)

    What's your email I'll send you across a vetting form now for you

    I know it can sound a bit extreme but try download the 100% army fit app

    don't hold me to it, just making a rough guess on the way it works

    it will only take about 0.5 secons off each lap (just guessing time as i dont know for sure) im sure theres a bleep test app that you can get on app store

    if you go on the police Scotland website they have a download for MP3 of the bleep test, set 2 cones 15mtr apart and run between the two it gradually increases pace, you have to leave one cone on first bleep and hit the second cone on the second beep