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  1. Changing Application To Another Force.

    Don't know about transferring but I wouldn't let an hour commute put you off joining mate, I live 15 miles from my job in Manchester and mornings can take me an hour to get there plus I think police hours are better suited to traveling outside of busy hours as well. Good luck what you choose mate ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Pete

    The Senior Service as it should be referred too Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated. Im a bit young for the Falklands but knew a few who served their country well there. Thanks again !!
  3. Pete

    Hi, new member her and believe i have to post in here before being able to access the board. A little introduction, i am 42 and from the north west area, male and awaiting certain elements to happen before being accepted for Merseyside Police. I am ex Royal Navy, Prison Officer at Wormwood Scrubs and currently work in a secure childrens home which i enjoy doing. Hopefully i will be formally accepted in to Merpol and starta career i have wanted to do since being a nipper, bar being a striker for Liverpool FC :)