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  1. 12th September Course

    The latest batch were not offered 15 stations. There was a list of 6, 3 of which were Scotland to select preferrences from obviously with no garuntee. Majority of vacancy's were indeed AWE
  2. 12th September Course

    Excitingly count down the days I guess
  3. 12th September Course

    I received some post today so you may hear sooner
  4. 12th September Course

    Unless they are already at the school and on the july intake
  5. 12th September Course

    No nothing yet. As above I was told that if it goes ahead we should hear on 29th
  6. Porton Down

    Thanks MDPREC. I wasn't after specifics really just if officers generally enjoy it there that sort of thing
  7. I'm assuming if there is no phone signal then Internet is also a no, unless there is internet access provided?
  8. Porton Down

  9. Porton Down

    Yes. Are you on that course as well Bread? Everything is crossed it goes ahead
  10. Porton Down

    Sorry I should of been more specific. I know it is a defence research facility, where it is located and I saw the recent BBC programme. Can anyone tell me a little about being posted there?
  11. Porton Down

    Evening all, Is anyone able to tell me a little about Porton Down? Thanks
  12. 12th September Course

    Yes deadline to find out is july 29 I believe
  13. 12th September Course

    Yes I heard back with posting a week(ish) ago, so might be worth checking in with them
  14. Competency Guidance Please

    I think i used a university project or something I organised at work for mine. It was a year ago so I can't remember. I don't see anything wrong with using all work examples though
  15. Competency Guidance Please

    Do you play any sports you could use examples from or anything from daily life. Doesn't need to be work examples