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  1. Getting to know you Here you are :)
  2. Tulliallan December 2016

    Hey if you private message me your number I can add you. If u are new to this forum you will need to have 10 posts before u can PM. Just use this thread to get ur 10 lol Emma
  3. Tulliallan December 2016

    Hey congrats! We have a wee group chat for the intake on whatsaspp, quite alot of us on the December too. Private message me if ud like to be added on to it too :)
  4. Tulliallan December 2016

    Not yet I was considering ordering online but im gonna drive through and get the t shirts with the logos on! Its the last thing to get on my list woohoo
  5. Tulliallan December 2016

    I have seen it before that sometimes people have 2 sets of boots, one for daily wear and one for parade. At the SPRA store they might b able to tell you for def though. If all else fails all the guys on here have been talking about an £18 pair of parade shoes from asda that bull up really well. I had to fork out £30 for my parade shoes lol
  6. Tulliallan December 2016

    Hey Sarah! Brilliant! I had my smt and ff on the 17th and im still to hear anything yet. Patiently waiting lol. Yeah I got the kit list back in August and since everything is back noe iv pretty much got everything for it. Just starting to bull my shoes and boots now. How long has it been for you since u first sent in ur app? Emma x
  7. Tulliallan December 2016

    Hey Marnie! Well I had set my sights on ordering Altbergs from their website, when I get my final offer so I can get the police discount. I was going for the aqua sneeker elite ladies, but they might take about 6 weeks to order once I have my offer which would be pushing it. I was in Blacks a couple of days ago, and found a sale rack with a pair of Magnums on it, reduced from £90 to £35! Only pair in the shop and in my size. So iv gone with them for Tulli and il still order the altbergs for when starting out on the streets. Have fun at ur uniform fitting I had mine waaaay back in August lol, but It was really surreal putting it all on. Emma x
  8. Tulliallan December 2016

    Yeah the waiting is the hardest part, cant wait for the final offer to make it all official at work etc. Im about the same, I applied in April. My SMT result should be back tomorrow so im hoping the offer gets sent out this week fingers crossed!!! Iv got my shoes and boots and im starting to bull them now! Iv also got most of the bits and bobs from the kit list, only thing I want is the logo t shirts from the SPRA store which il get once the offer comes! Exciting times
  9. Tulliallan December 2016

    Haha yeah its a long one but the last few pages are just the lot mainly that are heading to Tulli in December! I know, gonna be great with the massive intake. Have you had your final offer yet? How long has the process been for you?
  10. Tulliallan December 2016

    Hey Dean! Im also down for this intake. Did my final fitness and smt last week and im just patiently waiting for the final offer email. What area are you going through? Theres a huge thread in recruitment, Police Scotland Recruitment and theres also a lot of others due on this intake. Emma
  11. Any Parents That Have Or Are Thinking Of Applying

    It says on the information that I got given about Tulli that if you want to commute you have to ask permission and in special circumstances it may be allowed. So think it would depend on distance and personal circumstances
  12. Failed Vetting

    Have a word with your local recruitment about the appeals process and give that a go is what i would suggest. Sorry to hear that though, how far into the process were you?
  13. Failed Vetting

    Sorry I tried to type on my quoted reply there. If I were you id speak to your local recruitment team and see what they suggest. Was there absolutely no reason on it at all? I failed vetting a couple of years ago due to financial situations at the time and it disclosed that, the only thing I dont think they can disclose is 3rd party involvement. There is an appeal policy as well, but I guess you would need to find out the reasons why first. Who were you applying with? Sad news though, it is gutting.
  14. New Member

    Hi There, My name is Emma. Currently going through the recruitment process for Police Scotland. Looking forward to chatting to others in the same position.