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  1. Police Scotland Initial Interview

    Try this thread mate, pages and pages of advice, lots of people at various stages of the process.
  2. Army to MOD police

    The MOD police is a Civil Force, so joining them would be like joining any other civillian organisation. You would have to NTT and serve out your normal TOS (unless you are granted early release by your CoC) I can't speak for transfering your quals but I would assume no as the Military and the Police use completely different weapons and tactics etc.
  3. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey Clio, If you don't mind me asking how far do yo travel in? I am about to submit my app through the North East. However I live in Forres so am slightly worried (if I was successful of course) I would get assigned to Aberdeen, which I don't think I could manage on a daily commute!!
  4. BBC: Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson found dead

    Odd that the press didn't check with you before they ran the story...............
  5. Positivity 😁

    I'm fairly sure thats what they call violent agreement!? You agreed with the point I made in the end. The point that I was making was that managment should've been held accountable. The Lower ranks were punished so their failings were dealt with, however the managment were not held accountable And as you rightly pointed out the failings were both managment and Lower ranks. This is bound to have a knock on effect with morale within the ranks as they will only see that as double standard which will completly undermine unit cohesion. And as for not wanting me watching your back let me tell you, I am a SNCO in the forces (25 years) and have served with nothing but integrity and moral courage and hold myself to far higher standards than any of my men (or women) and I see their failings as mine. I have a responsibility for all personnel under my command. But as I have said this is merely one ones opinion, just because you disagree (although I think we are actually arguing the same point to be honest) doesn't make me wrong.
  6. Positivity 😁

    Are you familiar with the phrase there are no bad dogs, only bad owners?? ANY failing by employees is a failing by managment, HSAW act Section 2.1 (c) An emloyer will provide suitable Information, Instruction, Training and SUPERVISION. If the "few bad apples" were correctly supervised then any failings would've been identified early and corrected before they became Major failings. Just a thought.
  7. Tulliallan - curent students

    I can't speak officially but the kit you get issued will be for your safety (PPE) and will be authorised and covered under employees liability insurance. If you use kit other than approved equipment and you are injured you may not be covered. I have seen a couple of cases in the military where personnel have had claims refused due to using/wearing kit they bought themslves. Just a thought.
  8. Police Scotland Recruitment

    To be fair if you go with 10 they can't say you are wrong, because the PS website still says 10 year increments.
  9. What is Police Scotland's policy on Reservist personnel?

    I was alway under the impression the answer is no you can't be a Reservist and a police officer. There is however a section on the Application/vetting form that asks ex forces about any reserve liability. But I think that refers to the policy that if you NTT before your 12 year point you automatically go on to the reserve call up list (incase the Russians invade) rather than people who are actively engaged in Reserve service.
  10. Police Scotland Recruitment

    ason, when you say fitness levels are the same, so you mean the same ast they were or they same for male and female?
  11. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I haven't submitted my application yet but when I do, If I am lucky enough to get past the paper sift and get invited to the fitness test, I'll be pretty miffed if I have to do a 4 hour round trip for 5.4, that's basically a brisk walk!!!
  12. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Although On a separate note I have heard that they are doubling the starting wage and throwing in a free car!! #truestory
  13. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hahahaha That's a great rumour to start!!
  14. Is there any point of me applying?

    I remember a guy a few months back on another post who got refused outright because he had 2 urinating in public cautions, again I'm no expert but with a sheet as long as yours I's say you've more chance of platting piss than becoming a Police officer!! (But I hope you prove me wrong, Good Luck!)
  15. Police Scotland Medical Question.

    you can find BMI Calculators online that will tell you where you sit on the scale FYI anything over 25 is overweight, 30 is Obese Cat 1. Unless from what I hear it depends who does your medical and how they feel on the day!!!