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  1. Police Scotland Initial Interview

    Try this thread mate, pages and pages of advice, lots of people at various stages of the process.
  2. BBC: Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson found dead

    Odd that the press didn't check with you before they ran the story...............
  3. Vetting

    Don't quote me but I think it has to be 5 years from your last caution and as you mentioned it's only 3 since your last incident that may be the reason. As I said I can't say withany certainty but I seem to remember reading it somewhere.
  4. Vetting

    Hi, You were born in the UK, then You won't have been naturalised therefore you wont have a naturalisation cert. Your parents will however have naturalisation certificates. Your british birth cert and passport should be sufficient. However for the definitive answer contact your local recruitment team and they will be glad to help no doubt.
  5. Tulliallan December 2016

    IN the Army we use tape folded back on its self to "de-Fluff" our Service dress and peaked hats.

    Ah right that's contrary to the Application form it says in the last 12 months of service, I'll probably still fire it in when I hit my last 12 see what happens. I've completed the application and the vetting forms already, just sitting on them now until next March gonna be a long wait! Not to go against what you were told but going on what others in the forum have said I'd be very surprised if you managed to get through the process even if you applied today!! I think even the quickest I've heard of was 7 months but fingers crossed for you. I don't get why you can transfer up here but not down the way seems odd, maybe the English forces can afford to be more selective as they only run recruitment once in a blue moon??

    Mate, you should have put your app in as soon as you NTT'd, the current recruitment process for PS is averaging 6-8 months and in many cases more! As of the next intake (Dec) they will be dropping to 4 intakes per year (although they will be larger 200 pax ish) Priority given to students of the priority divisions (which I believe currently is North east at the moment (Aberdeen). PS currently gaurentee a job in your first choice division. however North east is a massive division as is Highlands and Islands so you could still end up anywhere lol Being in Elgin you are pretty much right on the border between the two divisions. So it's a toss of the coin as to where to apply. I am in the same boat I will be looking to apply next April when I enter my last 12 months. Good luck with what ever you decide!!
  8. Fitness Tips

    I weighed in at 135 kg at my heaviest, I couldn't run the length of myself. I joined Weight Watchers online and followed their plan whilst excercising and I lost 48kg in a little over 8 months, it wasn't easy but with dedication and alot of will power. But if you are serious and it's your dream, use that as your motivation to stay focused. Most importantly remember it wont happen over night, there are no quick fixes. slow and steady is the key to healthy weight loss. It's a process, you will have good weeks when you lose 7lbs then weeks when you lose nothing or even gain a little that is when it's hardest to stay motivated but stay strong and it wil all come good in the end. You will gain a bit here and there ass you train because you will start to build lean muscle mass, this is important as muscle burns more calories than fat. So when you train you need to balance weight/resistance training with endurance CV work. Good luck and stay strong!! oh and just to add at the end of the 8 months I was running sub 50 mins for a 10 km and did my first haf marathon in 1hr 48mins. so it is doable!!! I was basically a pork scratching lol

    Not for Police Scotland, the pass mark for a Male under 30 is 9.2 (I think most the posters on this thread are applying for PS) :)
  10. Eyesight, Fitness and Medical

    I wish that was the same for Scotland, 9.2 for a guy under 30 or 7.3 for a gal!!
  11. Offensive Police Slurs

    Really you didn't get much grief as a Monkey..... .....You obviously weren't listening
  12. Forces and military discussion topic

    I should imagine they are all busy doing the 5 miler of DEATH!!!! (you tube if you don't know lol)
  13. Police movies

    Training Day
  14. Forces and military discussion topic

    God no I work for a living One should never assume........ :)
  15. Forces and military discussion topic

    Same, coming to the end of my 24, looking to apply next April. Good luck for the future.