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  1. Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    You do seem to be in an unusual situation I'd try the freedom of information act then, see if they do have anything on you for the sake of £10
  2. Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    You can request a freedom of information act costs about £10 and that will give you all the information they have on you, aswell as that you can contact the vetting team and ask about what you can do next, I was always told they have to fail you if they find something on someone you didn't mention, however they can question you on someone you did mention which in some cases can lead to a passed vetting. I joined the Prison Service as an alternative and in the background will apply to the Police there's no rules to applying after a failed vetting and what have you lost?
  3. Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    I failed and was told not to apply for 10 years so I know how you feel, from what I believe if they don't tell you anything then it means it involves a third party, maybe someone close to you has a criminal record? You can also see if vetting done a credit check on sites like credit expert etc. I'm going down the route of contacting the vetting team and just this morning someone phoned me and had a very good chat about how vetting works and things I can do to avoid it happening again, might be worth giving them a ring and digging a little deeper.
  4. Assessment centre results last for 2 years I believe
  5. I cringe at what I post myself lol, I totally get what your saying and if I could delete it I would
  6. Sorry guys if you check the time that post was made it was 4am so I'd had a few, arrived home from a family wedding and rather foolishly posted that, I can't find a delete button so please accept my apology
  7. During my time at 18 signal regiment, were I worked as support staff (google it) I worked with many of the officers from many of the forces you guys work for, it was that work that interested me in joining the police force, an here I have a brand new fresh out of the box recruit and an emergency call handler disrespecting the armed forces. During operations I was miles away from a training centre were Army, "The Royal Navy, RAF police etc" were training local Afghan police and were killed, we might not have had access to your local systems on local darlings in the local areas of which you work, but do not overstep your station you are at best local police and do not forget that, I find your comments totally disrespectful remove yourself from that high horse. As stated I am an acting public servant I have this year more than once taken part in operation tempera, live ammunition on the very streets I'm not permitted the powers of arrest, so please do not disrespect me, now please lets keep this discussion civil and do not overstate your station.
  8. So vetting is made on the decision of a human down to that persons opinion at the end of the day, there clearly isn't any rules in law for this otherwise the scenario I just suggested would have an officer loose his/her job, thus there is always that glimmer of hope all I'm wanting is a face to face interaction with someone that makes this decision and for them to look at me and tell me face to face "you have no chance" until then I will keep pushing. As I said earlier I have someone working with me now that's been working within the Police for 14 years, he's reached a respectful rank but had to leave due to a life changing injury, I don't doubt his integrity and he has no reason to lie to me, he's told me scenario's were people have managed to achieve just that and not in all cases but some things have gone in there favour. I'm still reasonably young so even in 10 years time I'll only be in my 30's so even if it takes that long I could still achieve a full career. The skills and experiences I gain in the prison service are only going to help me that's why I'm leaving a cushy job and taking a big pay cut to join, because it helps build towards the end game.
  9. Thanks for the reply seems I was miss informed about the NSV then. in relation to the Prison Service I'm happy with my current posting but will consider others if that doesn't work out thanks for the suggestion. Quick question if someone joins the Police and after probation they're father commits a very serious crime does said person loose they're position or they're vetting clearance?
  10. That's awesome man nice one 2 of my friends are at the same stage as you I'd say they're names but open forum an all lol, an my cousins boy friend is waiting on his start date
  11. Yea as I said I don't have high hopes for myself either, getting in the Prison Service was a shock tbh they're forums are equally filled with people failing vetting as this one is so I half expected to not stand a chance with them, I'm grateful I've even managed to get that lol. How did you get on mate I remember we were near the same stage when I was joining Merseyside?
  12. He's been in for a very long time but my wife's Dads always been in and out of prison for aslong as anyone can remember, maybe vetting was different then? My side of the family only has my cousin who is in prison for dealing and being caught in possession of a fire arm, he's also linked to gangs in Merseyside but he's a kid and already been sentenced I've never really taken him seriously and again we don't have any contact, he was mentioned in my vetting forms but I was told it's immediate family they're concerned about? That's why I applied to the MDP really because they have postings as North as Scotland and I could have eliminated the family out of everything, as I type this I'm laughing to myself because in words it sounds terrible he may be my cousin and to allot of people this would make us close but if I seen him today I wouldn't recognise him lol
  13. Merseyside never actually stated 10 years that was the MDP after failing an appeal, I've only ever applied to one home office unit which was ofcourse Merseyside, I completely understand what your saying but if I was to apply to a force in London for example were I have no connections, no friends and no family how could I be seen as a risk, an yes I agree to some level about the defence raising my connections up in court how ever the third party is on my wifes side and her uncle is a Sergeant in the very force that failed my vetting and he's blood related to the guy that's causing these issues! I have 2 close friends who are PC's in Merseyside and a close family friend is the senior pilot for the North West Police Air Service they know me personally know the family I have on my side and my wifes and even they don't understand what the issue is. If you dig deep enough into anyone's family history you will find all sorts of connections with criminals, unless I have it all wrong and the family member I think is the problem and putting down on my vetting forms isn't the issue and infact it's someone else close to me that isn't revealing the truth to me. Believe it or not I've made some small progress with Merseyside, sort of out of the blue but I won't mention anything just yet as it may amount to nothing and I don't want to get my hopes up.
  14. A guy recently started working at my place and was serving with Cheshire Police for 14 years he said that he knows of 2 cases were people with failed vetting have managed to get in, the first was a PCSO who had a notaries family she managed to get an interview with the vetting officer and they arranged for her never to work in the area were her family were known, secondly there was a guy applying to be a PC and he had a caution for assault on a Policeman but due to his honesty and stating it in the vetting forms he got in. I'm not putting all my energy and attention to pursuing a career within the Police but as I've said from day 1 there's no rules stating I can't keep trying, I've come to terms with the fact it may not ever happen (sort of) but I enjoy reading into things and gathering information, the truth is nobody but the vetting team will ever know the ins and outs, everyone is speculating even the guys telling me to move on such as yourself, your opinion may be gathered from personal experience and other things but as I said nobody but the vetting officer has the power to say "you will never join... ever!" When I was going through the Merseyside recruitment process there was a bloke from this forum who had said he finally passed vetting after 7 years! I'm sure there was people that told him to quit along the way and if he had listened he'd never be working for the Police. I'm persistent and unless something is put into writing telling me I will never join the Police and signed by the Police commissioner or high ranking vetting officer I will continue to apply , I've been accepted to the Royal Navy Police which I applied to test the water decided not to go ahead with it though as I left the military and going back would be a step backwards, now I'm going to try the none home office units and then circle back around towards the furthest units from me coming all the way back towards my home town, I can apply every 6 months and I will do just that everyone will be long bored of me and I will be creating posts documenting my efforts and raising questions that nobody will bother answering but I'll keep doing it and nobody will stop me. Nobody has the power over my life and certainly not any family of mine, I left home at 14 and didn't have the best childhood there's no chance that family is ever going to stop me achieving my goals and dreams and if no vetting officer can see that then so be it but they are physically going to have to hand me a written document forcing me by law to stop applying before I do.
  15. Apparently an organisation by the name NSV perform the vetting for both the Police and Prison Service they're very similar apart from each force doing they're own criminal record checks and such, I've access to Top Secret documents via my military clearance as I was working in Communications and Intelligence, since leaving the military I'm a medical equipment technician rigging out end of life patients homes up so they can die at home peacefully, work in homes for the elderly, hospitals and I'm basically around vulnerable people were if I wasn't a trust worthy person I could easily take advantage, and now I'm moving from that into the Prison Service were again I will be working with vulnerable people. I posed this same question to the Prison officer forum to which I was informed that they do have access to sensitive information on databases as does the Police, maybe not to the same level but there's still information they're that not just anyone should have access to, besides every search I would make on said system would be recorded forever against my user so if I was associated with anyone negatively the force would know straight away if I was to search they're names or anyone's names that I could not justify the reasons for. So in summary it's fine for me to go to war, see top secret military information, visit cancer patients houses and work around sick children, elderly and everything in-between and now work with vulnerable adults during they're rehabilitation, but god forbid someone like me gets access to a Police database.....?