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  1. Vetting

    Failed vetting for Merseyside no chance of appeal no reason given. 6 Months later I apply to MDP failed vetting chance of appeal allowed, I provided a 4 page appeal letter basically a life story every tiny detail of anything I think might be relevant bearing in mind I've never committed a crime apart from a speeding offence several years ago, aswell as this appeal letter I included character references from 2 senior Police officers 1 Police constable a paramedic my old high school head teacher and 3 managers of large organisations, they never checked my credit file as I have no searches on my report, how 'ever my finances are perfectly fine so that's irrelevant, I have a few distant relatives either known to the Police or in prison all of which I have no or very little contact with. Anyway... this is the result of said appeal: Can anyone shed any light on this have they given any sort of clue as to why the reason might be? 2027 seems very harsh for someone who's finances are fine, has SC military vetting already and has never broken any law....
  2. What makes a good vetting appeal?

    Yea there's a posting at 2 Sigs regiment for MDP not sure what they got upto but every time I spoken to them in person they spoke highly about the job, besides I'd just be grateful for any force to take me if worse comes to worse I'll apply internally for a new posting or region if I don't enjoy MDP
  3. What makes a good vetting appeal?

    I'm SC cleared until 2025 and have the certificate I'll photo copy that and include it, I did mention both family members I was concerned about and that we have no contact with them, I also mentioned I was willing to be posted to a station as physically far away from any family members, as the only family I honestly care about is myself and my wife and setting up a decent career and foundations to begin a family, I couldn't care less what the rest of my family get upto to be perfectly honest. My end of service report from the Army was the highest grade possible at Exemplary and speaks of me very highly, so far I have 8 character references a Police Constable, a Police Sergeant, the senior pilot for the North West Police Air service, a paramedic, a managing director of a food company, my old head teacher, and a few others, I'm basically asking everyone within my friends circle that's known me for a decent length of time that's within a job of high responsibility or importance if they'd be willing to vouch for me and so far everyone's been more than helpful. The force I was applying for most recent was MDP and they've recently frozen applications so this is more for my own dignity more than anything now, I want to prove them wrong and if I pass it will mean that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for future applications. Thanks for the feedback gents/ladies this forum has been fantastic for support and advice.
  4. What makes a good vetting appeal?

    Yea that's what I've suspected however the family members I'm suspicious of I have no contact with, hopefully the character references do the trick along with my Army end of service report etc
  5. Hi guys recently I failed vetting for the second time, on both occasions no reason was given however this time I have been given the option to appeal. Finances are fine, no criminal record, only live with my wife who also has a clean record and finances are fine, only issue we both may have is possibly certain family members but that's only speculation. I was wondering what would make a decent appeal case? I've got a few ideas but I want to see other people's opinions, what has worked for you or someone you know in the past etc etc. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Vetting

    They don't tell you vetting has started, an they've not told me why my vetting failed waiting on a reply from my freedom of information request.
  7. Vetting

    So after a 10 month application process, moving home to Merseyside, leaving the Army, and relocating my family I receive an email today "application has been unsuccessful during the Pre-Employment Checks - There is no appeal procedure regarding this decision." no reason was given. So is that it then.. can't even appeal?
  8. Vetting

    At what stage of the application process does the vetting stage start does anyone know?

    Fitness test booked for 1st Sept great post very useful
  10. Weight Loss

    That's how I got into it, when I joined the Army I never went the Gym at all until I bumped into a lad on my course that went everyday, he sorta persuaded me to go with him to help spot him an that, an I eventually got hooked 12 Months later and I'm still going 5 days a week. ​Same can work for you and I advise you to get an App called Fitness Point, it shows you loads of exercises for each muscle group, so if your training Arms on Monday for example you can just search through the Arms exercises on the app and do a few of them knowing your doing the right exercise for that muscle group.
  11. Weight Loss

    Oh don't get me wrong I got what you were saying ofcourse, if it does the job then crack on after all you just need a quick fix to get through the medical then you could look at more long term solutions after getting in :)
  12. Weight Loss

    Fine for a few weeks but not really a sustainable
  13. Weight Loss

    High Protien low Carb diets with plenty of weight training and early morning cardio, don't skip on the weight training as that's what will help to burn the most fat, cardio is great but to much of it and your body will get used to it and start storing fat to use as energy during your next run. ​I follow the cave man rule: Ask yourself before you put anything in your mouth, "could a cave man eat this" if the answers "no" then it's bad for you, if the answer is yes then generally it's good for you, the pincicple is a cave man couldn't ever eat anything proccessed so no coke or microwave meals, stick to meat and veg and you can't go wrong just make sure your eating sensible portions. ​Another good thing to think of is think of your stomach as a fire, if you throw a big heavy log onto a fire then it will take ages to burn, however chop the log into smaller peices and throw them peices on throughout the day, the peices will burn away easier, that's the same with your body you throw a 900 calorie meal down your throat your stomach will struggle to deal with the load and will most likely just store allot of it to deal with at a later date, split that large meal into smaller chunks and eat throughout the day your body will progressively have time to deal with the load, giving you sustained energy throughout the day and your metabolism burning constantly.
  14. Changing Application To Another Force.

    nvm I've found a nice little area of Huddersfeild that's right on the junction for the M62 that we could potentially move to IF I got the job so drama avoided, there's great transports links from Huddersfield city centre for Leeds, Bradford and York so the Mrs will be fine with work. Thanks again for the replies guys :)
  15. Changing Application To Another Force.

    Ahh excellent I've not even had my final interview yet so I'm probebly getting ahead of myself, the only issue I have is the M62 if I hit traffic which could happen often of commuting during peek hours, however my mother lives in a town just outside of Liverpool so I could in theory stay there some nights and commute the other nights. If rather not rock the boat so to speak I'm not even in yet and already asking questions about moving if I raised these questions to Merseyside it could ruin my chances of joining all together. I'll just take everyday as it comes and if it means commuting I'll try that first and if it doesn't work then find a solution. Thanks for the replies guys :) Wow sorry ignore the poor grammar and spelling mistakes haha using my phone