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  1. 26th September Police Scotland Intake

    Are the Lowa Patrol boots ok for everyday use at Tulliallan? It's just that they have the waterproof strip on them and don't seem the easiest to shine up.
  2. Probably best just to give them a call, nothing to lose
  3. 26th September Police Scotland Intake

    Anyone got any recommendations for the best place to buy Lowa boots
  4. Specials

    I was a special and it was really good experience for learning the job. A lot of people decide at that point whether they want a career in it.
  5. Police Scotland Applications 2016

    Hi guys, are police Scotland still doing the mock fitness tests?
  6. City Of London Recruitment

    Not very often I think because they are pretty small
  7. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone any idea when recruitment will close?
  8. 26th September Police Scotland Intake

    Going to Tulliallan on the 26th as well guys! As everyone got their kit?
  9. Introduction

    Hi I'm Calvin - starting Scottish police college on 26 September