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  1. A minimum 12 month wait, could be up to 24 should no intakes take place in the first half of 2018. Also could always happen that they pull or significantly reduce the 2018 intake. I'm considering all options and in some respect don't want to sit around for at least12 months when there's no guarantees.
  2. Force I passed assessment with have told me that my application is still being processed just that we will not be on an intake before Jan 18 at the earliest. Of course the 12 month rule does apply if I was to transfer, I took SEARCH in Nov16.
  3. Hello all, Recently been told by my force that it's unlikely I will be starting before Jan 2018, this is despite filling out forms and signing declarations stating we wouldn't book any annual leave in 2017. Passed an in house interview and SEARCH to get to this point. Considering transferring my application to another force. Does anyone have any experience positive/negative about this process? Many thanks
  4. Of course you are correct and I must say that my question was partly to hear how others managed. You are totally correct that it would be foolish to take your eye off the ball and let it adversely affect your current employment - luckily I am in a job which I enjoy and will actually be sad to miss in the future.
  5. I'd be interested to hear how others maintained high levels of motivation during the seemingly never ending recruitment process? It doesn't help when you're in one job (non police) but looking forward to leaving at some point in the future to take up the new career that you've been waiting for for well over 8/9/10 months.
  6. Cheers - you were correct. Actually passed initial interview in Sept (Hants) and SEARCH in Nov (Hants) - waiting for confirmation of dates for fitness and pre employment stuff...slow progress.
  7. Search - Verbal/numerical.

    There seems to be limited information out there regarding the two written reports. The suggestion seems to be that it is an incident report - is the form already formatted or do you have to provide the format structure yourself? MANY THANKS
  8. Search - Verbal/numerical.

    Hi all, Thanks for the messages. Ashall1 - I am spending the majority of my time planning structure of the role play and written assessment, as well as the interview, just wondered what resources people had used for the psychometric tests. Thanks for your help, assuming you recently passed?
  9. Hello all, Does anyone know of any good links for practice papers for the verbal/numerical reasoning tests? I have a few practice papers that are included in some books that I have but worry that they may be slightly out of date? Finally, is a calculator allowed during the numerical reasoning test? (Time to rush up on my GCSE maths) Thanks.
  10. Hi Stecarey, thanks for your response!
  11. Do the situations/scenarios that you are presented with come from real policing situations or are they fictional. Don't worry about it though, sorry if it appeared unclear.
  12. I think if you refer to my original question, Sub-seven, it was regarding the type of scenario question you can be asked, not where the example of how you can demonstrate the competency comes from. Such as 'you are on duty and X Y and Z come in, which will you attend first?' Or 'what would you do if you saw a memeber of the public being harassed in the street?'
  13. Thanks for your response. This is an initial 'in house' interview prior to SEARCH. The information provided says that it is a competency interview related to the 6 core competencies but it says it will include a situational question.
  14. Hi all, Wondered what people's experiences of situational questions at interview was? Do the situations come from real police scenarios or are they focused on a customer services background?
  15. Hampshire Hopeful.

    Hello all, Joined this forum as I recently applied to Hampshire Constabulary during their June recruitment drive. Many thanks.