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  1. I've had eczema throughout my time as a Special, only really get it on the creases in my arms, particularly after a cold night shift or a hot day foot patrol. Hasn't ever caused me any trouble though. Recently got a small circular patch from watch strap just onto the edge of my hand, when having my medical for the regulars I was asked some questions about it, it doesn't cause me any pain etc and can be controlled with a mild steroid cream/emollients etc. Doc advised me to wear gloves when dealing with members of the public, as the skin defence is weaker on that particular part. 2 months after my medical and its disappeared anyway!! Good luck with your application :)
  2. Spent 6 years as a Special in Magnum's worth the money spent, and comfortable for 8 hours a week. Starting end of August, so treated myself to Alt-Bergs Lady Sneeker Elite, they are amazing..seriously worth the extra money!
  3. I'm starting in Merseyside at the end of next month after being a Special for 6 years, I have had a pair of Magnum Patrol and a pair of Magnum Vipers, these served me well, but not good for long periods of time. I've gone for Alt-Berg Lady Sneeker Elite, and they are amazing, so comfy, and lightweight compared to my Magnum's! Pricey, but they'll last!!
  4. New member, special in Merseyside, about to join as a reg :)
  5. Hi, I'm Rachael, a Special Constable in Merseyside about to join Merseyside as a regular. Thanks,