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  1. Eczema

    I've had eczema throughout my time as a Special, only really get it on the creases in my arms, particularly after a cold night shift or a hot day foot patrol. Hasn't ever caused me any trouble though. Recently got a small circular patch from watch strap just onto the edge of my hand, when having my medical for the regulars I was asked some questions about it, it doesn't cause me any pain etc and can be controlled with a mild steroid cream/emollients etc. Doc advised me to wear gloves when dealing with members of the public, as the skin defence is weaker on that particular part. 2 months after my medical and its disappeared anyway!! Good luck with your application :)
  2. Favourite Boots

    Spent 6 years as a Special in Magnum's worth the money spent, and comfortable for 8 hours a week. Starting end of August, so treated myself to Alt-Bergs Lady Sneeker Elite, they are amazing..seriously worth the extra money!
  3. Woman Police Boots

    I'm starting in Merseyside at the end of next month after being a Special for 6 years, I have had a pair of Magnum Patrol and a pair of Magnum Vipers, these served me well, but not good for long periods of time. I've gone for Alt-Berg Lady Sneeker Elite, and they are amazing, so comfy, and lightweight compared to my Magnum's! Pricey, but they'll last!!
  4. Newbie

    New member, special in Merseyside, about to join as a reg :)
  5. Introduction

    Hi, I'm Rachael, a Special Constable in Merseyside about to join Merseyside as a regular. Thanks,