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  1. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    They've now emailed saying they are sending for my work reference which is good. AV88 that sucks but Badtoro could be right with officers leaving/retiring/transferring etc. Stay positive, it's a long old road but if you want it it'll be worth it.
  2. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

  3. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Anyone STILL waiting for a start date from the February 2016 recruitment drive?
  4. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Nice one! Nothing for me yet. I have to go to Winchester to hand in some forms tomorrow. Hopefully after it won't be long. Congrats!
  5. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    I had the medical and fitness on separate days. Recommend that you book the biometrics and medical on the same day though. Push/pull and bleep were both in the fitness test (with a short warm up).
  6. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Nice one. Fingers crossed for some news this week then.
  7. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Fair enough. Let me know.
  8. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Sent an email. I'll let you know.
  9. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Long. Long. Long. Maybe December we'll hear something. Half tempted to email for an update but probably won't.
  10. Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Morning! Have been told that vetting checks are complete (I'm assuming I've passed as I haven't been told otherwise) now just waiting for confirmation of start date. What about you?
  11. Hampshire Recruitment 2016

    Same here. Hope it works out.
  12. Hampshire Recruitment 2016

    Bumping to see if anyone has heard any more. I'm still waiting for vetting....
  13. Hampshire Recruitment

    Not yet. I've had another vetting form for CTC so hopefully the ball is rolling and I'll hear soon. How about you?