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  1. Advice On Route Into Police

    Thanks for that! I worked in a very busy pub for almost a year that had 60 tables and was fairly big, but out of the maybe 15 other staff I was the one who people said had the best customer service (I got reviews about me and a mystery shopper gave me the exemplary customer service award) and I always treat people how I want to be treated, so I think myself I have that in the bag already, I just need the life experience doing something that is like being a PC. Only reason I am not staying that pub is the management are a shambles and the staff are horrible and rip off customers, so I have to leave for my sanity
  2. Advice On Route Into Police

    Thanks for that! It is a shame though, I can't apply to them as I have an in the process with Devon and Cornwall, so they would not take me :/
  3. Advice On Route Into Police

    Are MDP recruiting? I took a look on their website and it said that they had a pool of applications from previous campaigns so they were not taking any one else
  4. Advice On Route Into Police

    Thank you! And very good point about my 'persec' (Took my photo off) I don't mind too much about my name as I will tend to say it at the end of posts, but I do appreciate you looking out for me!, But many thanks for the advice, I may take a look at the MP's and do some security work in the mean time and maybe work my way up in a security job, but as I had laser eye surgery I have to wait some time, and even then I may not be able to join the armed forces Yes I have look at all the competencies (professionalism, working with others, service delivery, decision making, serving the public and openness to change) and I believe I have them, only one I seem to have struggled with is openness to change though I am acting on feedback when it is given to improve myself in this area. And I have IMO been able to provide said examples as well
  5. Advice On Route Into Police

    Thanks for the responses and the wishes of luck I will certainly take a look at some other routes, though I still wonder if the security industry would be of any help to me or if I should just look else where, I could always join the MOD, CNC or BTP and transfer at a later date after all.
  6. Advice On Route Into Police

    Many thanks for your reply! I am going to go into it with a positive outlook and the determination to do well! And I know a friend who is a retired inspector and he is going to hopefully give me some 'training' I suppose you could call it for what I should expect in the assessment centre and how to ace it, but people tell me I would be a good police officer as I like to help people, I was going to join the army as an officer and when I decided on the police I was told it I would be better at it!
  7. Advice On Route Into Police

    I have not yet, but I am quite far into Devon, So a nieghbouring force would mean moving a long way! I have considered the MOD police and BTP, and CNC (I might look into CNC as I have a fascination with nuclear power ) I might look into the army, though I have had LASEK so I have to wait 11 more months, and I would want to join as an officer anyway. But cutting back to the topic at hand, I have not look at neighboring forces as they are quite some distance away, but I will take a look! Though if the security industry would help me I would love to try it out, but i don't like the fact the private sector is very much about serving the person who pays you, where as I want to serve the people.....
  8. Hi there Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, I tried searching but could not seem to find anything to do with what i am asking What i would like to ask everyone, is the security industry a good place to get experience to make me the best candidate for the police? Devon and Cornwall are recruiting student constables and I managed to pass through the application stage first time which I like to thing is good as I am only 19, thing is I know that I may not be invited to the assessment center and if I am I may not pass it, So i have to be realistic as I am only 19 I know really I need more life experience, so would it be worth while getting an SIA licence and going into the security industry to get more of the life experience that is valued so much in the police force. I have been told becoming a PSCO or special is the best route to take, but there are no PCSO's being recruited by D&C, and if I go into the private security sector I can't become a special (they are not recruiting specials either atm). So really what I am asking, is it worth going into the security industry at my age (19) and spending a few years in there, to then help me and give me the best chance of becoming a police officer, or is it worth taking another route? Many thanks for any advice you can give Kind regards James :) p.s I hope I managed to explain effectively what I am asking
  9. James101 - Introduction

    Hello there, I understand I am meant to introduce myself. Hi! My name is James Not sure what else I should say!