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  1. Weight Loss

    The orders were 2.5 stone in 6-7 weeks. Unfortunately the trial and error of seeing which method was most effective ate into that time. Had I started what I was doing now at the beginning, I might have already made it. At the moment there is another intake planned for January I could certainly make that. I am desperate to go in for September though. Thanks for the responses 0 if anyone else has any suggestions then please feel free. I'll keep you guys updated.
  2. Weight Loss

    Thanks for the response Dark. At the moment I am consuming less than 500 calories a day in the form of protein shakes and drinking plenty of water. Very low carbs and fat in them although the excess protein can be an issue. Losing between 1 and 2 lbs a day but it is probably mostly muscle and water that is going, not fat. This in itself is not a problem as after the medical I will move onto a balanced diet with exercise. I was just wondering any there were any tips or tricks people had experienced for short term losses, even if unsustainable.
  3. Weight Loss

    Ah thank you so much. Is everyone else on this forum as helpful as you?
  4. Weight Loss

    Hey guys, Failed the medical on the basis of my BMI last month. Going back in just under three weeks to be reassessed. I've still got over a stone to shift. I've lost a stone and a half already but I'm determined to make it. Any advice would be welcomed. (I am of course aware rapid weight loss like this is unhealthy - I'll risk it). Thanks.
  5. Hello

    Hello Ladies & Gents, Glad to find a helpful community like this. Should be joining my local force in September or January if all goes well.