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  1. Eyesight, Fitness and Medical

    The recommended limit is 30. If you don't hit that then the doctor has to fail you as you've not hit the standard. Mine was 33 so the doctor had to fail my assessment however i still got through. If anyone is over the 30 limit i wouldn't panic too much. Just keep working on your fitness. Personally it seems stupid to pass a fitness test but then fail due to a number that doesn't accurately represent your health and fitness

    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet but the total run time to 5.4 of the bleep test is around 3 minutes 30 seconds. That's just 3:30s of mild jogging.
  3. Favorite summer drink?

    I'm a big fan of rum and coke at the moment. Have you ever tried Red Leg Rum? It's delish
  4. Gaming

    Fallout 4 is a cracking game. Not played it for a while as i've been distracted by other stuff but always a great game to go back to. I've got Xbox One but i've been playing on PC most recently however Rocket League is a great game for playing with mates.
  5. Joke Time.

    Edam!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Gaming

    Mainly Xbox for me but started playing WoW again. Luckily other priorities means I can't sink whole days doing it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Joke Time.

    Here's my favourite cheese based jokes. You're welcome... What cheese is best for hiding a horse? Mascarpone What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloumi Did you hear about the French cheese factory that exploded? All that has left was deBrie What cheese would you use to coax a bear out of a tree? Camembert How do you handle dangerous cheese? Caerphilly I found out that cheese is rubbish for making rope...Turns out Fromage Frais...
  8. Gaming

    Just wondering if there are any gamers on here and what games you're playing? Xbox, PC, Playstation, Board Games etc?
  9. Police movies

    Might be worth creating a new topic to discuss recommended films or films of certain genres? Classics and newly released etc? In regards to the OP: The Raid is good if you like action and don't mind subtitles (Indonesian film) Filth is weird but good Hot Fuzz - Obviously Bad Boys I and 2 (Third is coming in 2018 ) Die Hard TV Series A Touch of Cloth - Incredible UK detective spoof 24 Castle - Luther - Not finished but started good Brooklyn 99 - Comedy with Andy Sandberg
  10. Introduction

    Hi, I'm Zac and i'm currently applying for a role as a PC in West Yorkshire. I'm at the final interview stage Thanks Zac