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  1. It's a civil matter, and from a housing / family law standpoint he has no right to exclude her from the property whether it be in his sole name or joint names. Her remedy, without physically forcing her way back in, would be to apply for an injunction.
  2. Weathersfeild for training

    I've just ordered these Hopefully they'll be good enough to get me through training!
  3. September 2017 course

    Oh dear, just what you want! Will you be sorted for the 4th? I'll be there and will eventually be heading to Easington.
  4. next course

    Any reason to suggest it'll be this week? It would be useful to know so I can start planning. Even knowing what date in September it's penned in for would help!
  5. Application timescale

    You too! I was Tuesday and Wednesday.
  6. Application timescale

    It was a tough process, with the waiting being the worst part! One of the nothern England ones would be ideal, with my top choice being Easington.
  7. Application timescale

    Vetting passed. All being good i'll be starting in September!
  8. Application timescale

    Have you passed the assessment centre? My suitability interview was after SEARCH and i don't remember the paperwork stating that there would be 3 questions, whereas for SEARCH it did.
  9. Application timescale

    That's good to know, thanks. In terms of what's looked into, how do they differ?
  10. Application timescale

    Portal is now showing that vetting is complete. I wish it also told you the result!
  11. Application timescale

    The children shouldn't have any impact, but you could be posted anywhere, so may have to consider moving. I don't remember seeing any on the North West, the nearest i can remember is Memwith Hill near Harrogate. Best of luck witht the app!
  12. Application timescale

    It has been almost 2 months of it being in progress, hoping it won't e too much longer. On the plus side i guess it means i haven't failed yet!
  13. Application timescale

    Congratulations! When did you submit your SC vetting and how were you told?
  14. Application timescale

    Congratulations! It's good to hear that vetting takes a while, as that's what i'm waiting on now. You really have to be patient to get this job!
  15. Application timescale

    Luck was there and i found out today that i passed, so just vetting to go!