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  1. Final Interview Help

    How did it go?
  2. Failed Final Interview

    The final interview I found alright, unfortunately I have not received feedback yet. However I found the assessment centre a lot easier than the interview. The assessment is easier as it is slightly predictable with lots of books and advice. Just be positive and think hard before giving an answer, I believe I rushed into answers and possibly lacked the structure.
  3. Failed Final Interview

    I've contacted Surrey and they said you have to wait 6 months?
  4. Failed Final Interview

    Thanks for the advice!
  5. Failed Final Interview

    Hi guys, I've currently failed my final interview, and it feels rather awful after all the hard work to fall at the last hurdle... I was wondering what are the rules regarding transferring my assessment center score as I have failed at this stage of internal recruitment? Any advice would be appreciated as I got a decent score at assessment center! Cheers.
  6. Hi

    Hi, I've currently failed my final interview and want some advice regarding my assessment result!