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  1. Evening all, So as the title says, I'm getting a bit of a flap on about the financial vetting checks. So far I've breezed through the application, assessment centre and fitness test. Have my interview in a couple of weeks and I feel like my prep for that is going well. I have no worries about the security vetting (One uncle with an ABH charge from the 70's that I haven't seen for 5 years and a smackhead cousin I haven't seen for 10). My own record is miraculously clean, not so much as a speeding ticket on there. My worries about the financial checks are probably unfounded but any info from folks on here would be appreciated. I have no CCJ's or IPP's, never been bankrupt and when I've done a few online credit score checks they've all been between 750 and 850 which (I think?) is OK. But, I do have a few credit cards that are all around their limit. Nothing unmanageable, I think I've missed one or two payments in the last 3 years. And I have a car loan which again is more than manageable. My concern is that on paper this all looks like a lot. Is this likely to go against me? The last time I wanted a job this much was when I joined the army, and the hardest test then was to not eat the crayon they gave us to fill in the application. So any help or reassurance anyone may have would be fantastic. Cheers.
  2. Joke Time.

    Bit of a gross groaner but... What do doors and cheese have in common?
  3. Forces and military discussion topic

    Just because they aren't here doesn't mean they can't be ripped on. Although it would be more fun to here the inadequate "we do the same job as you!" type whimpers. Seen the 5 Miler Of Death video. It never gets old...
  4. Forces and military discussion topic

    Afternoon, Just joined and introduced myself on the mandatory introductions bit. But being ex-mil thought I'd do the same here. Ex infantry but a civvie since early 2012 and left as a PTI so you can all rest assured that I am exceptionally good looking. Also like to suggest that the inter-unit banter ceases immediately, and all future jibes and friendly fire be directed exclusively at the RAF Regt. I feel they are far more deserving.
  5. Compulsory Hello

    Evening, I'm led to believe that in order to view the full forum, I have to prove I'm not a robot. So hello, I'm Ben. A Yorkshireman. Ex-forces and with a view to joining my local force in the not too distant future. Not here to ask questions because, well, google. Been a civvie for 5 years, got a dog, and in my spare time I like shouting abuse at clouds and reading Mills and Boon books out loud whilst riding the bus. My dislikes include: People who eat crisps at the cinema. Guinness. Lists. Irony. Russel Brand. People who order 'Raspberry-mocha-frappucino' type drinks in coffee shops. Will that do?