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  1. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hey Sarah I walked out of my AC and was devastated. I knew Id messed up the maths, i wasnt too confident on the writtens or interview. I remember telling my friend I "knew Id failed" and needed to start looking to do something else. I remember the 2009 AC I did and I walked out so confident that time round. Anyways this time.... A week later I got an email saying I'd passed with 60% Chin up, the day has gone now and you did your best. You probably did a lot better than you thought you did.
  2. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    I herd today that theres exams to sit throughout training? Does anyone know if this is true and if you dont pass them what then?
  3. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    oh could you add me!
  4. Anyone starting in the next few weeks ? It feels a bit surreal that I've actually been given my start date after wanting this job for so long! Just wondered if there's anyone else on April intakes?
  5. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Yes 18th ! Are you ? Had my uniform fitting yesterday, feels a bit real now! Loved taking all the kit home.
  6. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    I'm starting April too... I've been posted to the Bradford District :) Two weeks to go :)
  7. Hiya Trigger91, I'm on the April Intake, nervous but so excited.