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  1. Has anyone on here sent an email to ask for a place on the candidate briefing session at Tulliallan on the 22nd January? If so have you had an email/phone call back to confirm your place? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. To be honest I don't tend to go any earlier than 9 but any time after 9 it's pretty quiet, I normally go about 9 and finish up between 10 and 11 and you never struggle to find a machine/bench Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I stay in East Kilbride, the new Pure Gym at the town centre is good, that's where I go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Is there any point of me applying?

    I'm putting my application in this week (for Police Scotland) And what I've been told from people I've asked is that each case of a person with a criminal conviction is reviewed individually, and I was also told that what they are looking for is honesty and integrity, so as long as you declare anything and everything you have against you, and can put it down to just being a stupid young guy I'd say you are at least worth your luck submitting an application and trying, again people will probably know better than me but certainly looking at it it's just stupid offences, you've not assaulted anyone or stolen anything, just stupid things so I think it's at least worth submitting it and seeing what they say, good luck whatever you decide to do Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Police Scotland Applications 2016

    Thanks Emma I'll definitely have a look through, glad to hear it helped you out and hopefully that means it'll be of some use for me! Good luck at Tulliallan! Thanks for the heads up, mate, hopefully mine doesn't take as long, keep me updated on your application, never know if I get my application in and it goes through in time we might end up on the same intake haha, I'll double check but I'm pretty sure Im on holiday on the 22nd so i'll be gutted if I miss that because it would be perfect, do you have a link to check it out in case I've got my dates mixed up and I can make it? Also I don't suppose do you know if South Lanarkshire comes under West Command? I know you have to put your command area in the subject when you email the application over
  6. 26th September Police Scotland Intake

    Guys I take it most of you in this thread have just been through the recruitment process? Any tips for someone just about to start it? And does anyone know when recruitment closes? As much information as any of you can throw at me is much appreciated, started looking through the application form etc. yesterday and its pretty full on, any tips or anything you can think of that might help would be great Also more specifically how was the fitness test, I'd say I'm reasonably fit just now but is there anything to watch out for? Is it just a bleep test or is there more to it? Anyone particularly struggle with it? Thanks in advance all
  7. Hi all, Looking for as much information as you can possibly throw at me regarding the recruitment process as it is just now (be really handy if anyone in training at Tulliallan just now or recent probationers were on here and had a bit of advice). Just trying to find out as much about the job as possible and the recruitment process, a more specific place to start could be can anyone tell me how G division is? Want to stick that down as my first choice (and hopefully get it) as It'd be great to get the city centre beat. Also looking to find out whats involved in the fitness test, would say Im relatively fit at the moment don't think the bleep test will be an issue (unless you guys can tell me differently that its incredibly tough?) but is there anything else involved I should think about? Anyone on here submitted an application recently and has any tips would be great? Lastly I've heard that recruitments wide open just now i.e. they're really trying to get numbers up so its easier to get through the paper sift right now, any truth to this that anyones heard of? Don't get me wrong Im not by any means looking to sail through it or be ticked through it I know it'll be a challenge, and its one Im looking forward to but if Im going to stand a better chance of getting in by putting in an application ASAP rather than in the next 2-3 weeks then I'm going to give myself the best chance possible and do it as soon as. Thanks in advance guys (and lasses)
  8. Introduction

    I think I've done this right? Anyway a little introduction, Im George from the Glasgow area in Scotland and Im on here to ask a few questions about life as a police officer and the recruitment process for Police Scotland, hoping that this site might give me a little better insight into the job and help me through the application process. Thanks in advance