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  1. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Nahhh I'll embrace it I'll only ask to switch if they put me other side of Bradford and it's an hour or so away. Ooooo We will be busy 🀣
  2. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Anything but Bradford really. I was hoping for Leeds or Wakefield. I went to school in Bradford and I've never liked the place. If I get posted the other side it's going to be a dreadful commute. I know I should be appreciative of being stationed anywhere but I can't help be a little disappointed!
  3. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Well. I got my district. The one place I didn't want was Bradford and that's what I Got. Pretty gutted to be fair. I hope everyone else got what they wanted!
  4. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    With regards to district when do we find out the specific station we're going to be based at? Is it the same time or later on?
  5. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    I'm used to going for specials training before. I drive but think it's gonna be a nightmare to park 😩
  6. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Same mine wasn't helped by falling on the ice and twisting my ankle!! πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ Hope we get districts pretty soon!
  7. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Could someone who has already started lmk on here or via private message what take home salary is per month and which date we will be getting paid :) I know a fair bit taken for pension etc im taking a fair amount of time off work before starting in March so need to figure my finances out :) thank you
  8. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    I got the email today and finally my start date. I pick up uniform on the 13th March and start on 20th! I'm so relieved everything is sorted :) Going to have a very big drink tonight and celebrate 🍾🍷
  9. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hope I get a call today. I'm so impatient. Probably doesn't help that I'm off work today so constantly checking my phone πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
  10. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    My file if FINALLY complete as of Friday lunch time. I'm just waiting for a call and a start date now! Agonising πŸ‘€
  11. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    March?! This is getting silly now. 😱
  12. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    I'm exactly the same! I had my biometrics on 8/11 and medical on 24/11 I just want to know before Christmas but looking unlikely now. Really disappointed with the speed of the whole process really. Have a notice period to work and life to fit round it makes it so difficult not having a start date. Ideally wanted a couple weeks break before starting police training. Don't really fancy finishing day job the Friday and starting police training Monday πŸ™ˆ Hopefully they will have a real push for it and want to get the groups in January filled πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Stu my eyesight was poor. Similar as yours is now. I wouldn't have passed the eyesight test without having laser eye surgery. I had mine before getting into the specials as I really doubt I would have been let in otherwise. They checked my eyesight beforehand and then I went and had the surgery and did the eyesight test again. I would go for a consultation if I was you :)
  14. Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Congratulations πŸ‘―πŸ‘I can't wait to get my call