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  1. Contact the Collision department of whatever force dealt - check the force website for contact details. They generally are only available during office hours so I would email them - can usually be done direct from the website. See if they can give you an update. The officer will have completed a form and submitted it via supervisor and will almost certainly never see it again.
  2. Met PC uniform

    Do your smart trousers go green once they have been washed a couple of times as ours do? In sunlight we look like paramedics with shiny dark green trousers, but apparently that's perfectly normal and acceptable wear and tear!
  3. Shift App for the iPhone

    I use the built in calendar on my ipad. You need to set it up on a PC or mac as you then have extra options, but then share it through icloud. Simply put an all day appointment - call it "earlies" and go to the repeat option, then custom and repeat every Monday and Tuesday every 10 weeks - or however long your pattern is, with no end date. Next do the Wednesday and Thursday, and so on. Takes about 20-30 minutes to set up the whole calendar and you can then share it with whatever devices you need, and give access to partner or other family who need to know your shifts.
  4. Daily Mail describes them as "Senior Police Officers" with their usual regard for accuracy in any story involving the word Police.
  5. Traders policies / declaring convictions.

    There are specific offences of withholding information and/or making a false statement to obtain insurance - largely depends on if they have done it over the phone is likely to be withhold information, if done with a signed proposal document - false statement. MIB will help with proving this, but generally it's not something you can do at the roadside. It can pay dividends in the long run - once an insurer knows about previous convictions and that someone has failed to declare them it goes on their own database which makes it increasingly harder, and more expensive, to get insurance. Thus easier to get seizures etc. as they won't get insurance. Doesn't require hours of work, but is usually worth spending half an hour making some phone calls.
  6. MGDD Form A

    If it was a statutory option, I think that is now all done on the A - certainly the option is given on the A. You could you into the memory of the device and reprint a previous test - not sure how long you can go back, but it's worth a try - may have to find a supervisor user if it's the Lion Intox 6000, not sure about other devices. What does it say on the custody record? They will normally record what level they were at - simply for the risk assessment process.
  7. Irritates me that this is still being touted as a ban - he was not banned - he was given 6 points. As a New Driver he will receive a letter from DVLA revoking his test pass status and he will revert to being a provisional licence holder. He simply has to take his test, and pass it, again and he will be a full licence holder. This is an admin process from the DVLA which applies to all New Drivers - those who have held their full licence for less than 2 years.
  8. Trailer board law on pre 1990 trailer.

    Exactly as Gripper says - for about £10 you can have a trailer board which will help other road users behind you, make your vehicle occupants and the road users around you much safer, and will mean you are much less likely to be delayed by me or my colleagues.
  9. Footwear

    Can't really beat Altbergs - British made, not the cheapest but very good, and they will give you a decent discount if you are serving. Worth a call, and if you are in the North Yorkshire area (Richmond I believe) they have a factory shop and can alter boots to fit perfectly.
  10. Traffic offences

    When it comes to Driving Licence, Insurance and MOT test certificate don't get too hung up on cautioning and interviewing. You do not need to do so. There is a statutory requirement to produce to an officer in uniform your driving licence, insurance and MOT. If they cannot, because they do not have them the offence is complete. That's all your statement needs to say. I required the driver to produce his certificate of insurance and he was unable to as he was not insured at the time. The fact it took you 40 minutes and phone calls to insurance companies and going round the houses in a series of ever complex tales of who might be insured is largely irrelevant.
  11. Single patrolling 'must become the norm'

    I have to agree with Traffic Rat - I rarely patrol double crewed, and haven't done so for most of my 20+ years. I have spent more than half of that as a Traffic officer (I know I'm meant to call my self Response with Roads Policing Specialist Skills, but life's too short!) and feel more productive on my own - that is especially so on fast roads when I haven't got to think about what anyone else may be doing - just concentrate on my safety and deal with the job.
  12. Two police officers left with broken bones and a fractured skull after late night hit-and-run Pair hurt in Rochdale Road, Harpurhey, Manchester at 10.45pm last night They had stopped a vehicle who then drove into them and sped off Two police officers have been knocked down and badly injured in a hit-and-run. The officers were struck by a car in Harpurhey, north Manchester last night, leaving one with broken bones and the other with a fractured skull. They had left their vehicle in Rochdale Road to speak to a driver and passenger late last night who then smashed into them before driving off. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said: 'At approximately 10.45pm last night two GMP officers had stopped another car. When they got out to speak to the occupants it was driven into them. The vehicle then left the scene. 'One of the officers has some broken bones and the other has a fractured skull. They are in a stable condition in hospital.' Two people were arrested over the incident. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  13. FPN`s to be scrapped?

    OSCO is the new form - Officer seen conditional offer which will be issued instead of an FPN. Quite a lot available on various Police websites and the system has been piloted by several forces and will roll out nationally over the next 15-18months, I believe. Basically the officer will report the person concerned then fill in the form exactly as before with the FPN including all relevant evidence and observations and then the Central Ticket Office will send out either a conditional offer of a fixed penalty or the chance to do an "education course" if the person is eligible. The person concerned will have the same rights to argue their case in court and dispute the officer's account, but more will be given the option of course - better education for drivers is the goal of us all, I believe. So - FPN's are not going, but will not be issued at the roadside, rather administered through a central office, possibly leading to more consistency?
  14. iPhone Shift Apps

    Most of us have a repeating shift pattern - usually over a 5, 6 or 10 week period. I use a simple calendar and make an all day appointment every day. Most will give you the option of repeating this appointment daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and then a custom option. Use that and repeat every 5 weeks or 10 or however often your shift repeats, with no end date. I am currently using Google calendar which updates on my computer at home and on my HTC phone, whichever I input either a shift change, court date or annual leave. It's completely free and take no longer to set up than any app, and I've tried a few.
  15. Photocard licence query

    If you have a recent passport the DVLA can renew your D/L photo with your passport photo, and it can be done online, as can change of address details for updating your licence.