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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Stay positive, hopefully June mate for yourself as well
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did you get told that you've cleared vetting as well?
  3. Tips For Assessment Day

    Hey, How did your assessment centre go?
  4. Equality and Diversity Question....

    Hey, We don't all pass first time round, reapply and in the time between learn the competencies indicators thoroughly and practice with someone. The more you relax and practice, the better you'll be. Best of luck
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, The process can take a while in general, best to practice for the various stages and hit the gym to keep your mind off the passage of time.
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeh, FF and SMT done. If your defiantly in the June intake I'd imagine you'll be given your uniform fitting date immediately after your FF and SMT like myself, so maybe in the next few weeks folks.
  7. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good advice, also worth knowing about the various specialist and operational support units within PS
  8. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Isn't allowing me to send messages mate, can someone help me out about this? Anyway I've got a uniform fitting next week, looking forward to it.
  9. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've had my Medical, SMT, FF and vetting done this week, all appears to be clear. I'm set for the June intake, again going through West Command and have been very lucky with recruitment in terms of time. Anyone else in the June intake?
  10. Police Scotland Recruitment

    It is a bit of wait, but will be worth it in the end so just hang in. I'm guessing your going through West Command like myself?
  11. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have been very lucky with the recruitment process in terms of pace. Hopefully June, assuming all goes well in the next few weeks. Eva - About 2 weeks ago
  12. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've recently passed my AC going through West Command, my Medical, SMT and FF are at the end of the month. I'm assuming I'm going into the June intake, if all goes well.
  13. Hey, Looking to participate and chat with all, except Charlie Murphy... Warm regards, Rick James