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  1. Cheshire Current Intake

    Go for it George you no the script for passing the process lets hope its one intake and not a few that's spread over the next 18 months so the situation don't happen again good luck pal Keep us informed
  2. Cheshire Current Intake

    Hi George how did you go on with Stafford pal
  3. Cheshire Current Intake

    Good luck with Stafford pal I'm sure you will sail through id feel strung along also keep us informed of your progress
  4. Cheshire Current Intake

    Sorry about your news pal not a good way to be treated id be ringing gmp ,lancs ,an Merseyside to see if they want anybody an transfer my score
  5. Cheshire Current Intake

    I feel for you pal they must have money with pcso recruitment opening soon at least with a yes R No you would no were your at
  6. Cheshire Current Intake

    Have you heard anything about what's happening with the intake
  7. Cheshire Current Intake

    Sorry about your news lads but when we was at hq in Sept the chief was giving a speech he did say that Cheshire had to make 50 millions pounds of savings over the next 3 years so there is probably a shortage of cash I'm led to believe gmp is still open for maybe a assessment transfer
  8. Cheshire Current Intake

    I wonders if them who are down for march intake have gone through the whole process ie vetting references have you thought about transferring your score to Merseyside just in case Cheshire is put on hold I can see recruitment being thin on the ground for a while to come what's your thoughts
  9. Cheshire Current Intake

    Thanks ollz yes its my son its there final passing out parade on Friday have you heard anymore about the intakes that was cancelled
  10. Cheshire Current Intake

    Good luck to the September pc intake they finish there training at hq on Friday then its of to there respective stations keep safe and enjoy
  11. Cheshire Current Intake

    Merseyside recruitment opens early January for anybody looking to transfer there score
  12. Merseyside

    Recruitment opens early January good luck to those applying
  13. Cheshire Current Intake

    The new financial year starts on 1st April so maybe there will be money available then.for a intake the tale is that the money as run out for the Jan intake I'm sure mate if you have passed Cheshire process you will fly through merseysides just play it by ear but hope it works out for you
  14. Merseyside

    Just been on Granada reports merseyside are recruiting 140 new officers in the new year
  15. Cheshire Current Intake

    Just been on Granada reports Merseyside are recruiting 140 officers in the new year id be thinking about transferring my score as I'm led to believe Cheshire as run out of money for new officers so march could happen are not happen only the powers above no the answers