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  1. Assessment centre - February 2017

    Hope everyone I met throughout the process has received positive results & attended the Force interview/Medical. Been a great experience so far, it feels like forever since I applied. Really enjoying the process though, hanging in there.
  2. Assessment centre - February 2017

    Good luck!
  3. Assessment centre - February 2017

    Got a pass, absolutely delighted. Look forward to the next stage. Hope everyone gets good results, I know everyone worked really hard over the two days. What a great experience the assessment centre was, everyone so helpful and positive. Made it really easy to want this more than anything, and I already wanted it bad. Thanks to everyone I met, all the advice and well wishes. Onwards and hopefully upwards. I was down on 15/16 Feb, hope others I met get results their work deserved.
  4. Assessment centre - February 2017

    I'm flying down on 14th, assessed on 15/16 & flying from Glasgow. If you fancy sharing a taxi, pop me a PM & we can arrange something. It'll be good to get to know some folk, all part of experience.
  5. Hi

    I have applied for MPD so thought I'd say hello as I'm hoping this will be a great new career. Thanks