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  1. Specials Recriitment

    I recently had my assessment for Specials role, passed my Written and fitness test but unfortunately failed my group test. So so I will have to re-sir in 3 months time, meaning i will miss the next training start around March'17. very disappointed with myself...😞 Any advice for future assessment...?! Cheers
  2. Tips For Assessment Day

    I passed my written test, and fitness test but Unfortunately I failed my Group excercise. So will have to re-sit in 3 months time...which means I'll miss the next training start date in March'17. Very disappointed..😞
  3. Tips For Assessment Day

    I have my Assessment for Special Contanstable for Leicestershire Police. A bit nervous, as I can't much information about the assessment at all (i.e. Someone who has already done it)
  4. The Police Recruitment Application Form

    Hi, I have filled in a online form for a Specials Police with Leicestershire Police.....I have been shortlisted and have been offered a Telephone Interview (last about 30mins). But I have no idea on what will be asked in the interview. As in the form I filled in didn't include any competency based questions. It was just a general personal information and criminal history. So I'm a little confused on what to prepare for the interview.....has anyone else had a Telephone Interview?!
  5. Specials Constable

    I want to join force as a Specials looking for guidance and help. Cheers