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  1. @Coffeebean123 which force was this for if you don't mind me asking?
  2. shift patterns

    Hi all, Can anyone working for the force (PC/and police staff) feedback on the pros/cons of the following shift patterns? 27/4 - 2E-2L-2N-4Rest days )foxed start and finish times) 3/3/3 - 3E-3L-3Rest days (with variable start and finish times) Have either of the patterns affected you personally? Any feedback would be most welcome :-)
  3. Advice/Info Required !!

    Martyj - It is not old info, the screen shot that harryvonhoofing provides is exactly the same info thats on the link I provided. Maybe provide a link to this new legislation you are on about? I think Harryvonhoofing is right about this though, you are better off applying/starting again. If you are looking at the midlands area then West Mids assess on the written element along with Staffordshire. Don't think Mercia/Warwickshire are recruiting this year. Good luck what ever you decide to do!
  4. Advice/Info Required !!

    Look at the link I have provided earlier in this thread above which directs you to the document that this refers to on the college of Policing website. PASS MARK And any info that is provided before SEARCH is normally through a link that takes you to the college of policing website and this info has been consistent with all the workshops I have attended up to date. As I said, I'm happy to be proved wrong but at the end of the day this is all available on the college of policing website. The OP asked for advice and has been given it. Up to them if they (or anyone else looking for the same answer) decide to take it or not.
  5. Advice/Info Required !!

    Screen shot which highlights that this is in fact the latest document on police standards in relation to SEARCH pass mark. I'm happy for anyone to prove this wrong.
  6. Advice/Info Required !!

    As far as I can see that is the latest home office document that I'm referring too and I have read it as minimum pass mark for all sections need to be achieved (minimum written pass mark being 44%). Why don't you provide a link to the latest legislation that you are referring too?
  7. Advice/Info Required !!

    I have just read this on the National College of Policing website.This reads that no force can accept a candidate who has not reached the national minimum requirement in any section. The link is PASS MARK After consideration from the Police Advisory Board and approval from Home Office Ministers the national minimum pass mark for Police SEARCH® from 1 November 2007 has been set at: 50% of available marks across the assessment centre plus 50% of available marks in the competency area Respect for Race and Diversity plus 50% of available marks in the competency area Oral Communication plus 44% of available marks in the competency area Written Communication. It then goes onto to say: A force may set a score, above the minimum, at a level which past experience suggests would be achieved by the number of candidates for which vacancies exist. Any such score should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to produce the number of candidates that matches the number of vacancies; with the score being adjusted up or down as necessary. Such a variable "cut score" could be justified as long as it has the effect of allocating places, as nearly as possible, to the highest scoring candidates. However, a permanently fixed local pass mark should not be set, as this could not be related to a justifiable criterion for prioritising amongst candidates who have achieved the national minimum pass mark. Forces should never appoint a candidate who has not met the national minimum pass mark.
  8. Hi all, I have applied for one of these support roles and currently in the recruitment process. Can anyone tell me what the shift patterns are like please for either role? Cheers
  9. This now worries me as I am in the recruitment process for West Midlands! I was on anti depressants for 3-4 months and have recovered from my depression (it was a short period)! How long ago did you stop your medication?
  10. Help please !

    No disrespect, but this is something that you should be researching by yourself! Only you know what you will contribute!
  11. hello

    Hello, I have recently joined this forum to support my application to the police. Looking forward to speaking to you all