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  1. Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Sounds positive to me. Great news.
  2. Vetting

    Out of interest, does the vetting criteria vary from force to force? It seems some of the information others have been required to declare varies from what I was required to.
  3. Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Fingers crossed.
  4. Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    I had my medical in August and in May 2016 I had an episode of depression. I was off work for 6 weeks and prescribed medication which I only took for about a week as I knew it wasn't the right thing for me. They seemed slightly concerned but I explained that it was due to tough personal circumstances and that I needed to make some life changes (part of the reason I'm now seeking a police career) and that I've been well for over a year now. My doctor said it's really common to experience episodes of depression in a lifetime and around 70% of people experience it, they just don't talk about it. It's different if it's something severe like paranoia or schizophrenia but depression is really common. Just reassure them that you've come along way and highlight the positives since you had it. Also explain that it was circumstantial, you can't help that and your resulting depression from what you experienced is normal. It is nerve-wracking but I think you'll be ok.
  5. Vetting

    Thanks. Just so nerve wracking isn't it. So badly want this and want to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  6. Vetting

    Yeah I've done that. Explained the whole thing. The vetting form has everything on it I can possibly tell them. I was just worried in case they looked at the application form and were concerned. Don't know if the application form is scrutinised during vetting or if it's just the vetting form.
  7. Vetting

    So, I’m a little bit worried about the vetting process. My dad re-married after divorcing from my mum around 14 years ago. He split from his wife around 7 years ago but they’ve never formally divorced as don’t have the money for the legal fees. I’ve not had any contact with this woman as we never got along so haven’t had any kind of relationship with her since they married. I also fell out with my dad during this time and we didn’t resume a relationship until they split. He hasn’t been in contact with her since their split and doesn’t know for sure where she is now living. When I filled out my initial application form it asked for step-mother’s name but as I hadn’t seen her in so long I didn’t put it down because there’s no tie or relationship there. However, when I received my vetting form it asked for step-parent information in more detail and I realised I should disclose her as a connection may be evident due to her and my dad not having formally divorced yet despite the lack of contact. I’m really worried that the vetting team will marry up the two forms and think I deliberately misled them and I’ll be rejected on that basis. That isn’t the case, she just never occurred to me when I was completing the application form. I put a full explanation RE this into my vetting form and ive emailed recruitment to advise them but still feel nervous about it. I’ve seen so many tales of people having their applications terminated at the vetting stage and it’s heightened my worry over it. I can’t think of any reasons why I’d be turned down but you can never be sure until it’s done. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  8. Advice needed

    Thank you everyone for your advice. Found out today that I passed and i couldn't be happier :-). x
  9. Advice needed

    It's for Gloucestershire.
  10. Advice needed

    Thank you, that's really helpful.
  11. Advice needed

    I've just had my invitation to both a final interview and medical assessment in two weeks’ time. Obviously I’m thrilled to have made it this far but am nervous as heck, especially with it being so close. Can anyone who’s been through these stages give me an insight into what both the interview and the medical assessment is like? I realise I have little control over how the medical goes but it’d be useful to know what to expect. Thank you in advance.
  12. Medical BMI check

    Thanks. I agree that B.M.I is ******. Good luck with the rest of the process.
  13. Medical BMI check

    Thanks. Seems it's a 'case by case' situation which is good.
  14. Gloucestershire Constabulary

    That's good. Were you a direct or a transferred candidate?
  15. Medical BMI check

    I’m a little bit worried about the medical B.M.I check. I’m not a fat person, I’m a regular gym goer and runner and I am training for a half marathon. My gym program involves a lot of weight training which week on week I increase so I can lift heavier weights as time progresses. I have a very good level of fitness and strength and am in good health (apart from the occasional common cold). My concern is that my B.M.I says I am overweight. To look at me it doesn’t appear I am and I wear size 10-12 clothes which is considered normal for the average woman and I eat a very healthy diet. My assumption is that the extra “weight” is due to me continually building muscle which I am fine with but my concern is that the B.M.I check during my medical will be too high and I’ll be rejected based on this despite me having very good health and fitness. My husband has the same issue as he is technically classed as being ‘obese’ but is just a dedicated gym goer with a rugby player type build and is incredibly healthy. Has anyone been through a similar experience or does anyone have any insights into this? It would be such a shame to not get through based on this.