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  1. March Start Date

    Hi Lucy, Hope your training is going well. I just got off the phone from recruitment and accepted an offer to start on the 3rd July!! Posting will be either North or West Somerset
  2. March Start Date

    Hi Lucy, Yeah you don't really realise just how stressed you are waiting to find out then when you do the relief is epic!!!!! I called recruitment as you advised and the earliest date for the next training is 30th May. Fingers crossed that's mine! Matt
  3. March Start Date

    Hi everyone, Congratulations on getting your start dates!! Sounds really exciting! I got an email Tuesday to say I'd passed all the clearances and will get a start date soon. I applied in February 16, how long was it after clearances you got your start dates? Matt
  4. New

    Hi I'm Matt, Just successfully completed my medical/fitness for the role of a police constable at avon and somerset and waiting for vetting to pass