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  1. Taser is very easy to get on the course (the course itself isn't easy) - every probationer near the end of their 2 years gets put on it and they have to opt out if they don't want it. Response varies division to division, post to post - an NPT officer for instance won't get a response course (they will get Taser though) PNC they are on about rolling out to everyone for the new mobile devices.
  2. BTP Vetting

    Just declare it and explain how often you have contact with your father in law. All you can do, they may ask you to attend a pre-employment vetting interview
  3. BTP Vetting

    It's Recruitment vetting/Baseline vetting so CTC - same as every force for bog standard officers. If you want to do a more gucci role you will undergo SC or DV (special branch or PSD for example). The vetting is conducted by the force vetting unit within the PSD and the checks are made against an applicant's local force intelligence systems as well as BTP's own.
  4. Vetting "Criminal" parent

    Having worked with someone who used to work in a Force Vetting role at PSD (not ASP though), my knowledge is if it's organised or persistent crime and you live at the same address it's a flat no. If it's a one off and it's not you, and it's declared and explained (without an opinion, i.e. 'She didn't do it but was found guilty') they can assess it. Unfortunately if you failed because of it they cannot tell you why!
  5. Every post is different Nile, I'd reply to your PM however I cannot distribute shift patterns due to information/operational security reasons. And reading the above posts, a word of caution: Professional Standards can, do and will investigate people for posts on these sites - no matter how true. The site policy is to assist them as far as we can, we've had no specific contact but image is everything and I'd hate to see people getting hauled over the coals for their honest and open opinion. But your post sums up the issues at the moment, a lack of consistency and minimal staffing. Back in the days of London North a PND was just a piece of paper, a crime number and that's it (no URN, nothing, unless it was contested). When we merged into 'B' division an GAP file was needed for things like PNDs (With the form acting as the MG11 series), ComRes, Cannabis Warning etc which defeated the purpose (I suppose it was a way of preventing them being dished out for everything), however last month I put a ComRes in with just the paper form and a relatively scant Niche occurrence/simple casefile (out of custody disposal and an MG11 from me and the victim, a copy of the form) and it was accepted. Just seems nobody knows what's what anymore!
  6. Armed Officers

    Like every other force with firearms officers (except for the non-police forces like CNC and maybe MDP) you must wait 2 years before applying. They're trained/recruited to the NPCC/CoP ARV profile including a fitness test to 10.4 and a psychometric test. At the moment they only exist in London, though as of next year there will be regional variations in the larger cities (think Birmingham will be the next to go live as the armoury is in place already).