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  1. BBC: Ryanair calls for two-drink limit at airports

    Interested to know how they would implement this. What system could they put in place to ensure each passenger sticks to a limit of only two drinks?
  2. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I'd suggest going to your trainers. They will know whether its faulty or if it's just new and needs wearing in a bit.
  3. Witness Statements

    There's nothing stopping you from making your own pro forma's. I like you am young in service but I always write my own on each separate occasion. Best way to get good at statement taking.
  4. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    This is the same one I have. They are good quality batons and mine takes a good bit of banging to get back in. Are you sure you are hitting it hard enough? It could be bent, that can sometimes cause an issue.
  5. Mr daz

    Any advice on a specific area of law is from either currently-serving UK police officers, and is offered to the best of their ability, or from members of the public who are perhaps aspiring to be serving police officers and may not hold the necessary level of knowledge to provide such assistance or by any other member who may offer their opinion. Either way such advice can only be treated as an opinion and nothing more. Members should look for the Verified Members Badge that appears on the posters name as advice from members holding this badge are verified police employees. The information is based on their own individual experiences, expertise and training. It is stressed, however, that if any information or advice found in these forums is used by any person or organisation, then the respective police officer(s) and staff can not and will not take any responsibility for any outcome in any investigation in a criminal or civil enquiry. Any advice or opinion offered is to the best of the individuals knowledge and ability based on the information you have supplied, and we will stress that we will never be knowingly misleading or untruthful in content. [*]Please note, we do not offer advice or assistance in order to avoid penalties that you have incurred or maybe pending. [*]Such requests are deemed to be of an Operational nature and against our main Forum Rules. [*]You should always seek Legal Advice from a Qualified Solicitor in the event of any impending prosecutions or other involved legal matter. Administration Team UKPoliceOnline
  6. We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The forum disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - any documents available for download. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor.
  7. Our restricted area can only be accessed by serving UK police officers (civilian police, either Special or Regular) PCSO's and civilian police staff. It's designed as an area where all members of the police family can discuss issues which they may not feel comfortable sharing in the more public areas of the forum, or with people who aren't themselves serving in a constabulary. Entry and use of the area continues to be free of charge. Once you've been granted access to the restricted area, a new award will be added to your profile (it will appear overnight as that's when all new awards are automatically added although on occasion it can appear before). The 'Verified' ribbon looks like the one in the top right hand corner of this post except it will say verified and not Team. How to get access to the restricted forum area: Method 1 Send an email to from a police email account (one which is of the format with the following information: Your full (real) name Which UK police force you work for Your rank/grade/job title (e.g. regular PC, Special Sergeant, PCSO, Staff member) Your collar number or force ID number Your PoliceCommunity/UKPO/PS/PUK username AND Which forum you would like access to (UK Police Online, PoliceSpecials, PoliceUK or Police Community) You must also raise a support ticket by accessing your client area under your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. Ensure you select the Verified Member option, this will open more boxes at the bottom of the screen These boxes must be completed to enable you to proceed On receipt of your email, it will be linked to your support ticket and you will be given access to the area - confirmed by reply to your police email address. The information you provide will only be used to confirm your right to access the forum area. Method 2 If you would prefer not to send an email from your work .pnn email, then raise a support ticket as per the instructions above and ensure you include your police email address. Once raised we will then email you at your police email address with a random word (which will of course be completely work safe!). You should be able to read 'incoming' email without breaching any force policy. Once you've read your police email, update your support ticket and tell us what the random word was. This will satisfy us that you have a police email account, and we can then give you access to the 'In the Job' area. Note: if you're going to use this method - which causes us the most work - then don't please just reply from your police email account. If you're going to do that anyway, just use Method 1 Method 3 We know that some officers don't have access to a police email account so as an alternative, you can send a scan of your warrant card or official ID card by raising a support ticket as per the above instructions and utilising the Attach Files option in the second picture. If you or your force are uncomfortable with sending pictures of your warrant card in this way, then simply don't do it. Please make sure that you state which forum you would like access to (UK Police Online, PoliceSpecials, PoliceUK or Police Community) Regards, UK Police Online Team
  8. Hello all

    Hi @Trigs, Welcome to UKPO
  9. Cops stop taxi - specials?

    When you compare the training of a special to that of a regular officer then it is quite understandable that they are less knowledgable. Having previously served as a special I think do think that the training needs to be more developed. That being said I do think it is wrong to automatically assume. I have worked with some brilliant specials who put the time in and are a great help to the team.
  10. Cops stop taxi - specials?

    Should the standard of a regular officer be higher than that of a special?
  11. Over the next few weeks you may start to notice several changes across all four of the Policing forums. One such change being the introduction of Global Moderators and Resident Moderators who will be identified using the following user badges. Global Moderators will moderate and have permissions across all four Policing forums in the group (,, and Resident Moderators are local moderators and will be specific to a single forum and as such should be offered the same level of respect. For details on how to apply to become a Resident Moderator please click here If you have any issues that you would like to discuss then please feel free to approach a moderator.
  12. I'm going to have a go at making an updated list of driving authorities for specials. Could everybody please complete the following survey then I can collate the results and pop the info in a table
  13. Am I Eligible?

    Am I Eligible? Age The minimum age to apply for the position of Constable is 18. There is no upper age limit however applicants should remember that the normal retirement age for Constables and Sergeants is 60. All new recruits have to undertake a 2 year probationary period, it is normal for officers to spend their first two years as a Constable on a response team working a twenty four hour a day, 7 days a week shift pattern. Sight We do accept applications from people who wear glasses or contact lenses. However an optician's report is required from all applicants. Unaided Vision We cannot accept applicants whose unaided vision is worse than 6/36 in either eye (2nd line down on optician's chart) or whose binocular vision (both eyes) is worse than 6/6. Aided Vision When wearing lenses or spectacles your vision must be better than 6/12 in either eye or 6/6 when using both eyes. Near Vision Requirements are 6/9 with both eyes together (aided). Colour Vision Severe colour vision deficiencies (monochromats) are not acceptable. Other colour vision deficiencies are not a bar but you will need to be aware of the deficiencies and make appropriate adjustments. The use of colour correcting lenses is not acceptable. Corrective Eye Treatment We cannot accept applicants who have undergone Radial Keratotomy (RK), Arcuate Keratotomy (AK), corneal grafts or any other surgery which results in the weakening of the cornea. Applicants who have undergone PRK, LASIK, LASEK, ICRS or Cataract surgery would not be accepted until at least six weeks after surgery. Educational Requirements There are none! People can have every qualification under the sun or nothing at all. The police aren't interested in bits of paper, it is you as a person and your ability to be a police officer that they are interested in. All applicants have to complete the Police Initial Recruitment Test. Convictions Convictions/cautions/penalty notices etc will not automatically prevent you from appointment. However if the matter was within the last five years most forces will not accept your application. Individual circumstances will be considered depending on the circumstances and the nature of the offence. What must you declare? Any conviction (includes motoring offences such as speeding) Any police caution/Penalty Notice for Disorder Spent convictions Any involvement in any criminal investigation that did not lead to prosecution Think they won't find out if you don't declare something? Think again! Failure to disclose any information will result in the immediate termination of your application! Financial Adverse financial history may prevent a successful application. This will entirely depend on the circumstances. Nationality You must be a British Citizen, a EU national, Commonwealth Citizen or foreign national without restrictions on your stay in the UK Driving You will not be rejected because you do not hold a driving licence however you will be expected to pass a driving test if you are appointed. Swimming You will not be rejected if you cannot swim. Very few forces now teach swimming as part of the initial training course. Penalty Points You should declare all penalty points you have or have had on your licence. Penalty points do not prevent you from joining the police however serious road offences will have to be taken into consideration on an individual basis. A simple rule is that you must not have more than 6 points on your licence at the time you apply. Tattoos Constables are subject to codes of conduct regarding their personal appearance so offensive tattoos will prevent appointment. You have to declare tattoos on your initial application form. Most forces will request you send images of the tattoos into them for their consideration. Will I have to move house? Police Regulations require the home address of all serving officers to be approved by the Chief Constable of their force. I have never heard of an officers house not being approved but I cannot say for definite that it never happens!
  14. Recruitment area guidelines This forum should only be used for general questions regarding the recruitment process. If your question is specific to the recruitment process in a particular force then please visit the respective areas to ask your question or post information. The areas can be found here. Any topics that do not conform to these run the risk of being locked. Regards Sir Penguin
  15. Avatar and Profile Image Guidelines Our guidelines state that all users must upload an Avatar / Display picture in order to use the forum. As a new member or a member without a personal profile image you will be prompted to upload an image. Your profile image should be personal to you and can be of whatever image you wish providing it complies with these guidelines. For Police Officers/Staff we would advise against using photographs that can identify you as this is an open online forum. Please ensure that the image you choose is not rude/insulting. No police force/military crests, logos or similar images No images that are a direct replacement of the silhouette No images with words in such as "No Image" Failure to comply with the above will result in your profile image being removed. If you have any queries please contact a member of the moderation team. These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Sir Penguin