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  1. Vetting

    Passed vetting after 1 and a half weeks. Now given CKP start date for April 10 and training start date for 30 May. When will my references go out? emailed them but no reply of course. Anyone have any idea when references go out after you pass vetting/receive CKP start date?
  2. Vetting

    When you send your vetting form, do you get a confirmation of receipt email and an emails stating that vetting has started?

    I was yesterday sent a conditional offer of employment - training starting on 30 May 2017. However, within that email, they stated that I am already doing the CKP myself and to send them the certificate before 30 May. This is clearly wrong as I ticked the box stating that I was going to do it internally. I then emailed them asking them whether this was a mistake and to clarify. They did not email back. I forwarded the email again today and they emailed back telling me that they have not received my vetting form - I sent it last month! And within the conditional offer of employment they implied that my vetting had been cleared. Surely they wouldn't send me an offer without having any vetting documents? It is becoming ridiculous. Has anyone had any issues like this before? I am so tired of this... cannot wait for it to be over.