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  1. Vetting

    Hi just need some advice! I have recently completed my vetting forms and sent them in. This is the final part of the process for me (excluded the medical) so I've been reading through the vetting forms all week, over thinking everything and I think I've missed something out of the financial forms! My partner has a student loan but he's only just started paying it back this year as he's just reached the salary that entitles him to pay it back if that makes sense. I totally forgot as I filled this in on my own as I thought I knew all of the answers. In addition to this he had a credit card 6 years ago and it got sent to another company and he's just paid it all back in full a few months ago (it was about £1,500)! i know I've missed this from the vetting and now I'm completely panicking! As I said I filled it in without my partner present so completely slipped my mind as I have nothing to declare, it's just him that has a few past issues but he doesn't currently owe anything apart from his student loan. Does anyone have any advice? I sent the forms on Tuesday so I'm worried that they will have already made a start on them! If I ring them up and tell them I've forgotten to put something on there will they reject my application? This is a police officer application by the way. I feel so embarrassed forgetting to put it on there and ringing up to tell them might look as though I was trying to hide something when I honestly wasn't it was just an honest mistake. any help would be much appreciated, especially on how to go about telling them. sarah