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  1. Hello all I have been given a start date for the 31st July which i am happy about. However i was wondering how long after starting am i allowed to take leave? My partner is currently pregnant and lives in a different country, because of this i was hoping to go there when she gives birth. If the initial training is only 12 weeks then i might make it in time if i am allowed time off. does anyone know anything that could help me out?
  2. University References

    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully ill be fine then.
  3. University References

    Hello all So my university has been asked to give a reference on my behalf, and one of the questions they ask is about attendance. While i was studying my attendance was really poor, around 50% because i just never wanted to be there. Is this going to create any issues? My work attendance was been 100% in my new job and more than 98% in previous jobs. Thanks in advance - Connor