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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Amazing! Well chuffed for you. What kind of questions were you asked? Anything that threw you off? Waiting for mines and prepping like mad.
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Mid May at Jackton! So 2 months now. My only problems is trying to think of questions they will ask and what negative questions about respect for diversity they'll have. Worried I'll get a question I'm not expecting and freezing! Looking forward to it but you're right just need to take my time and relax.
  3. Police Scotland Recruitment

    For people that have passed the initial interview, how did you all cope with the diversity question? I've got a few ideas for it but it's really stumping me. It seems like it wants a specific kind of answer because most of my examples can only really hit 3-4 points.
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Edinburgh. Starting to doubt it now cause of conflicting info. Going to an insight evening in the next few days so will hopefully find out a bit more then.
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Which division are you going through? When I did my SET and fitness in january I was told to expect September.
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know what you're feeling just now, trust me! prepping for the first interview but what I've noticed is there is an absolute abundance of info out there! Too much so if you ask me! Just try and get a general understanding for the most of it and try to relax. From what i hear on here they don't need super in-depth explanations just enough to show you understand.
  7. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done! Any tips you can pass on? Still waiting on mine. Well chuffed for you!
  8. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same. It's more difficult than you'd initially think to hit 4+ discriptors; especially on one such as personal awareness!
  9. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'd say personal awareness... since it's about your emotions. Still trying to think of an example for this!
  10. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for the pointers! Deffo going to be working on the examples just hope I cover enough.
  11. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Prepping for the initial interview but it’s so difficult to cram so much into my head. Especially when there’s like 10 points per competency! How did you guys and girls who have passed this stage manage?
  12. Police Scotland Recruitment

    This is something I'd like to know too!
  13. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hope everyone is doing well in the process! Long time lurker here but first time posting. Waiting for my initial interview and studying like mad for it. Nervous!