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  1. Thanks very much for the detailed response. I need to fill in my vetting form prior to my interview on 5th so I'll declare it on there as the recruitment department have told me I don't need to declare it anywhere else. Getting well ahead of myself considering I've not even had my interview yet but was concerned about it being an issue if I am lucky enough to pass it. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I've just in the past few days found out that I've passed the AC (massive relief as I'd convinced myself I had failed and would never get through). Anyway, having looked more into the next stages, I'm really worried about the vetting as I've remembered that I had a PIN issued to me and my partner last year (noisy drug using neighbour saying we harassed him because he would constantly blast music and play instruments so we would knock on his door). I'm going to call recruitment first thing tomorrow to inform them; I didn't previously as I thought nothing of it as the police officer who issued it told me it wasn't a big deal and wouldn't affect any police applications etc. Has anyone got through vetting with one of these written warnings before or has this finished the whole process for me now? I'm so worried
  3. Cheers Chris, appreciate your response. What's worrying me more is how recent it was, it was early last year. I've been told by the officer at the time that it's not held nationally, just on the local forces database. Am I given the option to declare at the vetting stage as I've not had any other opportunity to do so yet? Or is it a matter of just letting recruitment know? It's Merseyside Police I'm applying for, not sure if that makes much difference.
  4. Sorry for jumping in on this one, just a quick question really. I am reading a few horror stories with regards to the vetting process. I thought I didn't really have anything to worry about on that side of things but it's since occurred to me that my partner and I were issued a written harassment warning by a police officer early last year (drug user noisy neighbour said we were harassing him by knocking on his door telling him to turn music off - issues had been ongoing for months and due to lack of action by council etc., all parties involved were at boiling point). I wasn't happy with this at all, seemed unjustified given the circumstances but I complied and signed the warning even though I was told I could refuse. I asked the officer at the time of issue if this would be classed as a criminal record and if it would cause issues if I were to apply for the police at a later stage, he said no but I've since read that these Police Information Notices (PIN) show on enhanced CRB checks? I'll be so upset if this has scuppered all chances of me joining the police as this guy made my life a living hell with his noise. Can anyone share any knowledge on this kind of thing please? NB: I've not reached the vetting stage yet, waiting for a final interview date at the moment. I presume I've still got time for this to be declared if required if all goes well, just trying to steel myself for the worst outcome! Thanks in advance.