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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aye thats true. Good luck anyway :) Are you down for the march intake for Aberdeen?
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have medical in 2 weeks.. My BMI is bang on 30 at the moment. Will need to just do cardio until medical to ensure i don't gain weight and go above that.. BMI is a farce really.. basically if i went to the gym and was bulking my muscle gain would likely shoot my BMI up above 30!
  3. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nice one. I have both Medical and fitting in the morning. Will be heading back to my current in the afternoon. Any word on fitness test?
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same day as you for both.. Are you in Aberdeen?
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same for me. A Division also. How did the day go then? Had 11 people in my assessment centre.
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well Done. Any information about when your intake will be?
  7. March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Yes Hopefully not. I was told likely March intake. December is full as far as i know.
  8. Police Scotland Recruitment

    26th November. Not heard anything about Vetting either. You?
  9. Police Scotland Recruitment

    So Mpeebles and Wightman84 have you completed your medicals/FF? I also have been told March intake so unsure whether medical and final fitness are likely to be into next year now?
  10. March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Me also. For Aberdeen Hopefully. Still to get medical done and Final Fitness.
  11. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I tried to Hit 4 descriptors for each competency. Pretty sure that is whats required but not 100% hopefully someone else can clarify.
  12. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Ryan, How you finding it so far? also curious to know what the split is between Classroom work and Practical tasks? Cheers
  13. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes Final interview.
  14. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I done the same thing. Listed down 2 Examples for Each of the competencies. Personal Awareness, Personal effectiveness, Leadership, Partnership working, Job knowledge and Effective Communication The probing questions were not so hard to answer because they usually referred to your thoughts etc.. so just think back to the situation and be honest. Also worth highlighting that I was under the impression that Effective communication was tested just throughout but In the final Interview they also asked a competency based question on it! This was something I did not prepare a example for but luckily I was able to think of a time where I used effective communication on the spot which I wouldn't advise.
  15. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes I Agree. Being a Alpha male/female is not just losing you points it also makes it harder for your teammates to pick up points, Everyone loses out. I had Ross for my Initial interview. He was good, put me under a fair but of pressure which was to be expected.