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  1. Falsely accused

    Reasonable man, thank you for the reply. Yes, I'm innocent, and will refuse a warning or a caution or anything that means I accept the accusation, because I never will. The PC has stated, off record, that it is too trivial for court so I ll take my chances in refusing anything to incriminate me. I thought legal aid was dead and buried ? Or is it available when having to prove your innocence ? The whole legal system is alien to me
  2. I would appreciate any help this is making me ill with worry. My neighbours falsely reported me for swearing at their children because we complained about their noise months ago. I have since been interviewed under caution at the Police station, CDs made on her hearsay only. I certainly did not swear at anyone, she has a witness who says I did (surprise!) but my husband was at home and backs me with the truth. Why would I have to endure an under caution interview for such an allegation when her word against mine is all they have ? I have waited two days since the interview for the PC involved to get back to me - she stated after speaking to her sergeant she could hopefully 'clear this up' and put my mind at ease- I've heard nothing. I had no solicitor present as I tried to find out if I really needed one but was ignored by the solicitor office I emailed ?? I also messaged said PC on the mobile number she gave me as I didn't like to call, to ask about the duty solicitor - I was ignored again !? So I went into the interview alone and said I was ok. I need an enhanced DBS for my work - vulnerable adults, I have never been in trouble with the Police ever - and now some vindictive person is trying to ruin me ! I have had time off work with stress as I am struggling with all of this whilst said neighbours just carry on regardless - saying they want me 'Dealing with to the highest possible point' !!? My manager is aware and I am turning into work like a leper waiting for the outcome of this farce !! I could lose my job over this !!! I can not accept a warning or a caution and the PC stated it does not warrant a court case, but what if I refuse any caution or warning because I am innocent ? I am not prepared to have to pay hundreds of pounds for solicitors to add to my worry when I have done absolutely nothing wrong . Can someone really be allowed to do this to an innocent person? We did have a brief argument about noise (again) but I certainly did not swear nor involve her children!!! I would really appreciate any help on this !! Thank you