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  1. MET Police Day 2 June 2017

    Hi all, Anyone here had their day 2 fitness test for police constable on June 2017? Looking forward to meeting new people!
  2. Hi, I've attended my Day 2 on 26th June 2017 and I'm still to receive a response.
  3. Vetting

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so still trying to get used to al the topics etc. I've attended my day 2 fitness test on the 26th of July 2017 and while checking to see if I had submitted all my documents the lady told me to give in my notice to my current employer as I will be starting early September - Fast forward 7 months and I've still to receive a response. On my online account it still says 'part of the employment process requires you to go undergo pre-employment checks'. On the 16th of Jan 2018 I've received an email saying 'We have been conducting a review of your application, as we are anticipating that your vetting clearance will be returned to us in the coming weeks and we would like to know your position with the CKP. if you already hold a CKP or are working towards one and will be completing it shortly then please contact us as soon as possible so we can update your application. Please send your response to Alternatively, you can phone us on 01633 632500'. I replied saying I want to do the CKP internally with the MET as that was what I chose when applying and I'm yet to receive any response. Is there anyone that could give me some insight?