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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    West. I attended a candidate briefing mid December in Dumfries. The folk from Jackton reckoned V division would be a bit quicker add its not that popular. Im not overly fussed , I know the wait times in the West are huge , was more just curious how long proteome had from receiving emails at each stage and actually attending.
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cheers for the replies. How much time was there generally between getting the email inviting you to the SET / Fitness etc and actually attending ?
  3. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I take it this wasn't West ?
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    What sort of lead time did you guys have from getting through the paper sift to > set/fitness > initial interview > AC/ 2nd interview ?
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Still no automated response. A acquaintance applied not long before me and received his right away , worried now as I don't want to contact them already asking about the application but I dunno if it was received.
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    V Division (Dumfries & Galloway)
  7. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks. I attended a Candidate briefing in December , they seem to be pretty desperate for applicants in some of the more rural divisions and reckoned we could get through relatively quickly. That said , relatively quickly was still the September intake.
  8. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all. I submitted my app via email on the 16th , I have read it can take a few days to receive acknowledgement of the application but that you receive an auto response immediately saying the email was received. Is this correct ? I never got any auto response when I submitted the app.