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  1. The MG11 witness statement is a nationwide document that ALL forces use. One of the questions is about a persons religion.
  2. The power would have come if anything from S.1 PACE and not S.19 as that comes from being lawfully on premises. In my opinion you are not searching for any stolen, prohibited articles therefore there is no power to search under PACE.
  3. The best start to answer this question is...IT DEPENDS!!! 1) If the offender is not known to police then this could be RJ'd so as to find the best outcome for both offender and victim (ie the shop). 2) Is there an actual complainant? Does the shop wish to support criminal proceedings? If not then it's a negative line crime with no support from AP. 3) Why feel the need to arrest? If there is to be a statement of complaint and there is no risk of the offender trying to repeat the incident...he/she could be asked to attend the police station on a voluntary basis! Revisions to PACE Code G would support this action as well as the custody sgt. 4) Offender, if address and name verified, could be issues a PND for £80 if applicable! 5) An absolute last resort would be to lock up the offender and trying to pick 2 necessity criterias for this minor offence would be interesting! These are just my thoughts and do not reflect any police forces in the UK or any other serving police officers ;-)
  4. I have one of these for spare if anyone wants one....very very useful! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320878647353?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  5. I totally agree with Spurs comment about money worries. I too am a young in service PC (6th day into my 10 weeks in company phase). My worries were that the recommendations would mean new PC's would be kept on 23k for two years instead of moving up 2 pay scales in that time. I've taken a 2k pay cut to do the job of my dreams and as much as I love my role I do worry about the financial implications for me and my young family. I did read in the report that we would be getting our increases in our two year probation but I just wondered if anyone felt the same as me?
  6. My 8 years LGPS transferred to just short of 5 years on the police pension. Not bad really, means I can do 30 yrs and get a full 35 yrs pension. Regarding the student officer pay, I'm currently clearing £1360 after all deductions (t&i and fed fess). I so desperately need the increase to 26k and that hopefully will be in April 2012. If we get stuffed with that then I'm up #### creek as I took a 3k pay cut to become a reg :-(
  7. Gazza I totally agree mate. I'm coming to the end of my university phase IPLDP section (22 weeks) and looking forward to 10 weeks in company and then a well deserved pay rise from 23k to 26k! I took a 2k pay cut to move up to the regs!!! I desperately need this pay rise in April 2012!!! Has anyone got anything further that can be added to this please?? Thanks
  8. Cheers Dell thats some really good news and advice :-)
  9. Jimmy, From what Ive been told off recruitment, within the last few weeks, probationary officers will still get pay increases at the relevant phases. From what I understand with the Windsor Reprt its the annual increase that has been frozen...so officers like myself and you I presume will start on £23,259 and not an extra 500 quid or so put on top of that as in previous years.
  10. Thanks for your help people, I have managed to track down and have a brief read of the Windsor report. The freeze will start on September 2011 but like the above person said once I have completed various stages of my probation the money then the money will go up anyway.
  11. I'm joining Cheshire as a PC in 5 weeks time, and I'm now 35 nearly 36. I've got 8 years in as a PCSO with GMP and more than enough life experience to get me by. I went travelling around the world at 23yrs old and have seen more things than 90% of people my age. All I have ever wanted to do, especially having done the role of wannabe/plastic cop/get a proper job, is to be a serving police officer. To hold my head up high and say that I'm finally at my life long goal is amazing. Officers I work with now try to persuade me not to join due to the politics of the job, the long working hours, the abuse you take from MOP, the constant battering of your head at CPS decisions etc etc...sounds crazy but the more negative I hear the more I want to complete my dream and get out there and be an inspirational police officer towards the public and also towards other colleagues. Sorry for the rant but I'm extremely passionate about being a police officer and the idea of being too old at 31 is crazy!!! The university of life is an ongoing course for everyone and something that an 18-23 year old officer would not quite understand. I'm sooo looking forward to giving at least 25 years service to the cops and hopefully securing a comfortable future for my fiancee and two daughters! It's not about the money at all, it's the fact that I can hold my head up high and very proud and say that I am a Police Constable!!!
  12. Hi all, I'm almost ready to leave GMP as a PCSO and start with Cheshire Police as a bobby. My question is...will there be an annual increase of wages on September 1st or had this been frozen with the paycuts fiasco? The current starting salary for a student officer is £23,259 I think; if pay does go up then how much would it go up to? Thanks in advance Lee
  13. All, After watching one of the many cop shows on tv I saw an officer wearing a torch that basically flipped up and illuminated his PND he was fillin in, whilst being attached to his vest. I did some digging and found this one... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380337076285&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT I'm gonna be getting one this weekend. The "Peli Versabrite III" has had some good reviews and frees up your hands whilst still giving good light. Cheers all
  14. I'd just like to add to this interesting thread. I don't see this as being an "anti PCSO thread" but more of a constructive discussion for the pro's and con's. Part of our role as a PCSO (iam representing GMP here) is to be 80% visable in the local community, as per the Policing Pledge, well from what i can see in my neighbourhood and surrounding divisions this is more than achieved! I mean look at it like this...take PCSO's out of the policing family and who is going to have to go to... ...all the youths causing jobs? Who will go to visit the old lady who just wants a bit of reassurance that there is a police presence in her area? (i could tick all the diversity boxes there by saying man, woman, age, faith, etc etc but you know what i mean) Who will organise joint agency ventures where the PCSO will team up with a local warden, a social housing officer and the fire brigade and knock on LITERALLY 300 houses during Street A Week and promote safer neighbourhood schemes and how families can benefit from home fire risk assessments conducted by the fire service? Who will be present for a dedicated once a week/fortnight/month police surgery where countless MOPs will ask about everything possible to do with neighbourhood and how to make themselves feel safe in their own homes? Who will personally make sure that they post over 200 leaflets through residents letter boxes and then go on to chair the local residents meetings that are held every six weeks or so, where up to 70 people attend to speak with their local community officer to find out what is taking place in their area and how the public can help to reduce crime/gangs/burglarys etc etc? Who will work alongside many different partner agencies and attend intervention group meetings where the PCSO can discuss a key nominal,in an area, that is in need of assistance and recommend outcomes that the police can help achieve? Who will be the officer that will cycle up to the farm areas right on the borders of his/hers beat and reassure the farmers and their families that 'actually the police do come up here as part of our routine patrols'? oh my god i could keep this list going on and on and on....all of the above are just the day to day activities that a PCSO gets up to (in GMP like i said). I am not even going to compare our work load to that of a PC cause i know a PCs list could also go on and on and on. Unfortunately times have changed from the old bobby on the beat from 30 years ago, who could clip a young person around the back of the ear and then drag them back to their parents house knowing that mum/dad would do the same. PCSO's are a vital part of the Policing Pledge, a vital part of Neighbourhood Policing and an asset to any police force IF (like any career) the right person is doing the right job! I believe that as the role of a PCSO progresses then things will naturally change. A two tier police system is on the horizon in my opinion and if PCSOs were to be given the extra powers (that EVERYONE always goes on about!) then it makes total sense to keep the right people in their existing neighbourhoods, walking/cycling their beats, talking with the public, engaging with the local youths, and detering crime and the fear of crime...BUT with the correct powers and tools to do this! A PCSO being given full police powers, BUT being told to remain on their own neighbourhood beats, and renamed as something like the local Community Police Officer, makes more sense than the idea of a response officer trying to fit a neighbourhood PCSOs role into their already very tight work schedule. Sorry for the rant but i really do believe in Neighbourhood Policing IF its gone about in the correct way!
  15. Love it love it love it! That is the best piece of mobile footage ive seen for a while. Typical little gob sh** thinking he can terrorise who ever he wants, his mates laughing cause this soldier puts himself into a fighting stance, and then the scumbag runs away like the coward he is and all his mates don't say a word. It goes to show that you don't judge a book by its cover and the soldier kept his composure remarkably well up until the point he had to defend himself. Absolute thumbs up to him! Well done.