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  1. September 2017 course

    Hi, Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is appreciated- very enlightening. Glad to hear things have improved on the morale front. I think mainly I'm looking for a career where people work well together as a team and get on with each other. My job now is not a happy place and quite a toxic environment sometimes, which prompted my question about if most officers enjoy the job (which it sounds like they do). Thank you for the suggestion. I'm sure your're already very busy without me adding to it
  2. Hi As a starting point have a look at If you Google about there are lots of forum posts with advice. The thing to keep in mind is that it is a national standard\process so the advice can be applied for all police forces. Good luck!
  3. September 2017 course

    Hi Maximus I'm thinking of applying when MDP next open for recruitment. Would you say most people enjoy the job on balance? Looking back through the old threads there seemed to be a lot of discontent among the officers, has this cleared up now?
  4. Facebook recruitment page

    MDPREC I think you do a great job. I'm sure that potential recruits find your responses very helpful either on this forum or Facebook. Keep up the good work
  5. Do they send you a copy of your results or is it just a 'you have passed' email?
  6. MOD Police Recruitment

    The waiting is the worst part! Hopefully good news soon. Can I ask, how quickly did they process your application? I'm thinking of applying.
  7. Starting Pay £17,559 ?
  8. Presume the six month rule would apply for failed applications..? Not sure if MDP have this rule?
  9. Any updates? Regs only.

    Hi Does it mention anything about people who were cut from last year but became Specials outside of the Met? Thanks.
  10. update letter received today!

    My Day 1 has expired and I received a letter, so don't worry too much. They can take a few days to come through the post.
  11. June intake

    Congrats on the start date!
  12. Special option

    I'm already a Special, so it's not really an option for me.
  13. Metropolitan Police Recruitment

    I had my 'Day 1' in July 2008! So who knows whats gonna happen with mine.
  14. Metropolitan Police Recruitment

    Got my letter as well. Very disappointed, as I'm sure we all are. :sad: My Day 1 has already expired as I transferred my application to the MET from another force. Also I was on medical hold for a while.
  15. Are you awaitng your Met start date?

    the other one