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  1. Many people on here have had exactly the same argument that you are trying to draw me into. All the salient points have been researched and debated, and I don't intend to rehash them.
  2. Boudicca, This forum has put these 'treason' topics to bed many times before. Search under Walter Mitty, Twizzel or Albert Burgess for the sorry tale of how we stood by and watched Ted Heath frogmarch us against our will into Europe without taking these people to task for the extinct offences of treason and sedition. Your gripe is political. The police should be apolitical. This thread is about our right to strike, or lack of it - NOT your single issue.
  3. We need to find these people a better way to make a living...
  4. On principle, I'm not in favour of the commercialisation and industrialisation of the police service, which is why I voted against the right to take industrial action. I believe we need to show that we see the police service as unique and different to all other services, that we cannot reasonably take strike action to force a point, and use that righteous resolve to appeal to the politicians that we deserve a higher moral consideration.
  5. The qualifiers for entering a broken bounded hatched area are Is it safe? Is it necessary? If you can answer yes to both of the above, then you can enter. Otherwise no.
  6. Police fitness test unfair to women...

    Yes, perhaps. This is the first year that 9.4 is being enforced for us. Perhaps other forces have already suffered the initial attrition. I heard that GMP were likely to lose quite a few, as were Lancs. Last year over 30% of our firearms officers didn't achieve 9.4, but if they passed 7.6 they were ok for another year. Some didn't even achieve the 7.6 and they were required to pass the old 8 min kitted run. Our managers were considering implementing the fire service VO2 max step test, but have backed off. While I don't personally need any age or gender considerations for fitness, I believe there should be a proportional reduction for women who are on average slightly weaker than their male colleague. I do believe the standard for a specialist department that requires a level of fitness for tactical effectiveness should be the same for both sexes. I don't believe that it should be compromised by age/gender equality concerns.
  7. Police fitness test unfair to women...

    That's quite an impressive percentage, I've heard of quite a few other forces with similar attrition rates to ours - not too many with your high pass rate! Are you permitted any fitness training during work time, and are you a dedicated F/A unit?
  8. Police fitness test unfair to women...

    I presume that's for firearms. Do you have any idea what proportion of your unit is likely to fail that? I understand they expect between 20% to 30% failure rate in our force.
  9. If you could carry an off-duty firearm....

    We could start new threads along the same lines... If you were allowed to steal, what shops would you steal from? If you were allowed to punch someone, who would it be? Makes a change from the usual format I s'pose...
  10. One of my cases has recently gone to CPS who have decided that manslaughter is more appropriate than S1, simply because the incident doesn't fit the definition of 'accident' due to the alleged degree of reckless intent'. If you are indeed a 'marra,' marralass, it's in your area.
  11. Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    Our firearms requirement is 9.4. Not quite a walk in the park, but not far off. To jump from level 8 is a bit of an ask, but perhaps the desire to get the role will provide the impetus you need. Good luck!
  12. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    No idea mate, I just read the thread, and asked a couple of questions of three PCSOs in the office next door. They've got their A/C next month, in Coventry I believe; and as far as they're aware everyone who's going knows about it. I have a friend, whose son is a Lancs special, and he's on the A/C so I presume it has gone outside the force to some degree.
  13. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    Perhaps they have to! All forces have significant financial constraints these days - they will probably positively vet those who are most likely to repay the huge financial training costs by staying in force or lasting beyond the two year probationary period.
  14. Cumbria Regs Recruitment

    I know that about 50 from Cumbria are going to the assessment centre next month, and they've all been told. As far as I know, most are specials/CSOs.
  15. Thomas Jefferson

    That's one thing we have in common - at least it will be when I get to the end of the month! But I'm sure we'll have more in common than that. I think what we do have in common is that we look at the prevalent situation in our respective countries and provide an honestly held opinion about what we believe would be in the best interests of our country. I wouldn't pass comment on what your country should be doing to reduce your horrendous murder/suicide rates and your poor police officer fatality rates because I have no practical experience of the American attitude to these figures. It may be that you see this as acceptable collateral to the allegedly lower violent crime figures I'd like to see something like Moxnil's 'farbgel' being categorised as a legal carry for woman who are likely to find themselves in potentially risky circumstances. But I'd much rather they took common sense steps to protect themselves by avoiding the situation rather than placing themselves in it in the hope they could deal with a situation should it arise. You talk about small steps. Each step is a step down a path of potentially raised stakes. A lady is threatened to hand over her bag. she pulls out a baton and mace and threatens the robber back. Robber laughs and takes both from her and her bag, perhaps giving her a smack on the head with the baton as he goes. You say she would get training. Would she, for spray or a baton? Many people already carry some kind of spray without training. Even then, I have been to police personal safety training, and quite honestly I worry that it might over-empower some officers to physically challenge someone who previously they would back off from. In other words, training can be a double edged sword, especially if the training is not regularly put into practice. I was never in favour of the banning of sports weapons. I am in favour of them remaining as sports weapons, but not widening the remit to weapons of self defence. George, you didn't address the two lists I asked you to look at in post 113, the comparison between UK and US police deaths on duty. How do you explain the 72 shootings of American police in one year (2011) compared to the UK stats which show that a police officer hasn't been stabbed or shot in nearly 5 years. We have low double digit shootings each year, mostly gang/drug related. Can you understand our reticence to move (even step by step) in the direction of the US example in terms of self defence / arming? Can you