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  1. Many people on here have had exactly the same argument that you are trying to draw me into. All the salient points have been researched and debated, and I don't intend to rehash them.
  2. Boudicca, This forum has put these 'treason' topics to bed many times before. Search under Walter Mitty, Twizzel or Albert Burgess for the sorry tale of how we stood by and watched Ted Heath frogmarch us against our will into Europe without taking these people to task for the extinct offences of treason and sedition. Your gripe is political. The police should be apolitical. This thread is about our right to strike, or lack of it - NOT your single issue.
  3. We need to find these people a better way to make a living...
  4. On principle, I'm not in favour of the commercialisation and industrialisation of the police service, which is why I voted against the right to take industrial action. I believe we need to show that we see the police service as unique and different to all other services, that we cannot reasonably take strike action to force a point, and use that righteous resolve to appeal to the politicians that we deserve a higher moral consideration.
  5. The qualifiers for entering a broken bounded hatched area are Is it safe? Is it necessary? If you can answer yes to both of the above, then you can enter. Otherwise no.
  6. Yes, perhaps. This is the first year that 9.4 is being enforced for us. Perhaps other forces have already suffered the initial attrition. I heard that GMP were likely to lose quite a few, as were Lancs. Last year over 30% of our firearms officers didn't achieve 9.4, but if they passed 7.6 they were ok for another year. Some didn't even achieve the 7.6 and they were required to pass the old 8 min kitted run. Our managers were considering implementing the fire service VO2 max step test, but have backed off. While I don't personally need any age or gender considerations for fitness, I believe there should be a proportional reduction for women who are on average slightly weaker than their male colleague. I do believe the standard for a specialist department that requires a level of fitness for tactical effectiveness should be the same for both sexes. I don't believe that it should be compromised by age/gender equality concerns.
  7. That's quite an impressive percentage, I've heard of quite a few other forces with similar attrition rates to ours - not too many with your high pass rate! Are you permitted any fitness training during work time, and are you a dedicated F/A unit?
  8. I presume that's for firearms. Do you have any idea what proportion of your unit is likely to fail that? I understand they expect between 20% to 30% failure rate in our force.
  9. One of my cases has recently gone to CPS who have decided that manslaughter is more appropriate than S1, simply because the incident doesn't fit the definition of 'accident' due to the alleged degree of reckless intent'. If you are indeed a 'marra,' marralass, it's in your area.
  10. Spot on! I had the opportunity to practice this only last week, when the fleeing vehicle was being driven headlong into my home town at 9pm on a Saturday night at 70+. The considerations for stinger had gone out the window, so the only option was for me to put my 2 ton Ovlov against the front quarter of his 1.2 ton Astra and press until he thought better of it. No insurance! WTF!
  11. Back on traffic this month - 8 night shifts x £17.50 = £140. Not quite an SPP, but it'll go part way...
  12. Congrats to the new additions to the team.
  13. An FPN without the E will do. It should be right there in your fixed penalty booklet. If you're prepared to accept that some cyclists use the pavement for their safety, you could argue the same for red lights too. I only don't go through red lights because it's against the law for cyclists to do it. I believe I'd be safer if I was allowed to use the lights as a give way line.
  14. I agree with Mike. I commute daily on my bike, and my speeds are more in tune with vehicular traffic than pedestrians. For that reason (and a couple of others) I don't use the cycle paths in town, because they are shared with pedestrians. A short part of my commute takes me through our town's pedestrianised area, where I have to slow to accommodate the pedestrians.
  15. Cyclists are just like motorists in that respect, there are a decent proportion of PITAs in both camps. I've locked up a few cyclists for refusing details/false details, easy process.