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  1. Belt Mounted Fire Extinguishers

    Well i am not a copper so would not be that job i would be using it for. The two that are on the site are powder and Alcohol Foam ABC so either would be good, They are enough to put out as you say a person or small fires which is all i would really need. Events like Reading, Leeds, glastonbury etc it would be really usful a lot of ground to cover and no vehicle :) Chris
  2. Random one, I know some forces use these on public order duties was just woundered if anyone has used one?? Are they any good?? Are they hard to carry?? Can you still run with them on your belt?? I am thinking about getting one for some event work that i am doing?? Just wanted to know your views? Chris Clicky
  3. Sony ericsson k800i

    If you had proof of purchse you could take it in to any carphone warehouse and they would repair it free (if in waranty) and have a TAT of about two weeks. Chris
  4. Sony ericsson k800i

    Very common fault on sony ericssons with joy sticks its not because they are crap is because all manner of rubbish gets in there, Its worth noting that all SE handsets brought after oct 06 (i think?) Have a 24 month warranty first 12 months lies with your retailer (or autherised SE repair center) the last 12 months in normaly SE only. Chris
  5. Bounty Hunters in The UK ?

    That would be my worry too they would need some type of PPE the only other option is to set up another gov body to do like customs, immigration, mi5 etc so there for would be working for the crown so would be entitled to carry PPE. Chris
  6. Bounty Hunters in The UK ?

    you implying the sia are a distaster? lol :) As for the idea it would be good put regulation would need to be in place ans H&S precautions aswell But before that baylifs need sorting out
  7. Sony ericsson k800i

    It means you are conected to a 3G network not a 2G one meaning you can make and recive video calls and use high speed internet. Chris