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  1. Congratulations on your progress so far. When I was going through recruitment, I had the view (and I guess I still do) that a Police career isn't like you're leaving the current job because you hate it, it's generally because it's been a long-term goal. To put it another way, you aren't leaving one office job to go to another... If that makes sense? This may well be different in your own circumstance, but I think any reasonable employer would understand that rationale. As said from the previous posters, open and honest is definitely the best policy here. As for making you leave now, I'd say the employer would probably be on a sticky wicket with that in terms of unfair dismissal or something along the lines. That said, I have no employment law background so couldn't confirm but just my opinion. However, if you haven't been with the company too long, I'm guessing there's a possibility you're on a temporary contract/probationary period/zero hours contract or the like? That is a complete stab in the dark, but if that does relate to your situation in the slightest then it's a lot easier for an employer to 'get rid' of someone. Hope that helps, or gives you a couple of things to think about. Finally, with regards to a telephone call or a visit to the office.... I'd say a visit would be common courtesy. Your manager should respect you a bit more for it that you've made an effort, and also it might help you to judge his response/reaction - body language is in fact the biggest part of what a person says and would be lost on a call.
  2. I'm guessing you mean end of Jan 16? If so, that is indeed very quick! Congratulations so far!
  3. Police Scotland - Tulliallan policy on beards.

    As a matter of interest, at what length does stubble get reclassified as a beard. Opinions?
  4. POLICE SCOTLAND queries about recruitment.

    Yeah, for a while they were doing intakes every 2 weeks, then that dropped back to 1 per month though I'm not sure what the current plan is.
  5. POLICE SCOTLAND queries about recruitment.

    Just to add, from the PS website, the following is in the FAQ's with regards to postings: New recruits are guaranteed to be posted to a division of their choice. However their actual divisional posting will be decided by local managers based on organisational needs. At the time of application, you are requested to submit a posting preference form. There are 13 Territorial Divisions and this allows you to choose the top 3 Divisions in which you would prefer to work. You will be posted to one of your 3 choices.
  6. POLICE SCOTLAND queries about recruitment.

    Calling recruitment is a good idea, but for what it's worth, here's my opinion on your questions: As part of the recruitment process you get 3 choices for divisional postings. A suggestion might be to pick whichever division covers Elgin, and have the Borders as another choice (Borders is still covered by Police Scotland). You are guaranteed to get posted to one of your division choices. Transferring isn't unheard of, but as far as I'm aware it's not especially common. I'd hazard a guess that you'd need to be out of your probation (2 years) before you could consider a transfer, however when you do, you'll obviously need to learn English law (and try to forget Scots law). Finally, I wouldn't think there's any view to end the recruitment drive any time soon, but I also wouldn't think you're likely to get a definitive answer on that from recruitment, or anyone. Hope that helps, and all the best!
  7. Very attentive as usual Sub-seven
  8. Please refer to: https://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/55581-set-numbers-paper/#entry619740
  9. Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    Think I could be the same unless these references hurry up! Vetting is being pushed for the 1st I think though! Everything else is fine. Yes just vetting for me, was told the 1st at my final run but I did think that was a bit soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Ahhh, plenty time! I had 1 week between final offer and starting 🙈
  10. Fettes SPRA store

    Not sure, but you could try giving them a call: 01313113128. Well done on the final offer!
  11. Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    Sorry to hear that ChiefWiggum, hopefully you'll get some good details from Optima and get an idea of what you need to do in order to pass the medical. Fingers crossed for you
  12. Police Scotland February 2016 Intake

    The uniform fitting is a very casual affair so just wear something comfortable. You'll only be taking it off anyway
  13. Tulliallan Question

    Yeah maybe a bit far to travel then. Was worth a thought. Having both could be an option, then they just drive it home for you after pass out parade 😉