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  1. Transferee's

    What's L2?? Where were you posted then? Good move or mistake?
  2. Transferee's

    Does anyone have any idea when Cheshire might be opening up for transfers again?
  3. This is a tough one.. A harrassment warning (In my force anyhow) is exactly as it sounds. A warning!! The normal procedure would be to take a statement from person being harrassed (Your daughter in the presense of an appropriate adult). An officer would go to the offenders house and get them to sign something that states they acknowledge they have been warned and that would be the end of it. The harrassment warning would sit on file (Not as a criminal record) and if any further incidents occurred that were reported by the aggrieved then a further statement would be taken and the offender would be arrested. This is all very simple if it is two adults involved but untimately when it's minors then things are more complicated. In short you can't keep your daughter out of it. For a warning to be issued then she would have to provide a written statement (There is no) way round this, and you, as her appropriate adult would be accepting that she would be happy to go to court in relation to the incidents if this continues. If you are not prepared to have your daughter go to court then the warning is toothless. This is something only you (and your daughter) could answer and I have had this conversation with many sets of parents. It certaintly isn't ideal and not something that would normally happen until all other possible courses of action have been looked at. Harrassment is a funny thing too. Courts look at evidence so make sure your daughter knows not to send any messages the other way that could be deemed similar. Hope this helps.
  4. He needs to make sure he is legally represented. As this is an open investigation we shouldn't really be commenting on here.
  5. You could argue it, but that defence may not be accepted.. The smart thing to do would have been to back off and not lay hands on the other party. How long ago was this?
  6. Technically pushing somebody is common assault. You could argue self defence in this case though im sure.
  7. You ask if it is a breach of harassment warning. What does it state on the warning that he shouldn't do?
  8. police cautions

    I doub't it was a caution if it was given to you in your home. More likely a harassment warning or a telling off
  9. Cheshire transferee

    Nope :sad:
  10. Cheshire transferee

    Congrats to those who have been invited for interview. No call for me today so not looking good :sad:
  11. Sorry if I worded it like that. I simply meant that if the officer is sympathetic to your view (That you really didn't know) then he might choose not to summons you. It will involve him/her sitting down and doing an hours worth of paperwork to process. I've written them off as not being in the public interest before - it could simply come down to how strict the officer is on traffic matters, or even how busy they are. If your 4 months in its looking promising.
  12. James, What did you do with the fixed penalty notice that you were given. I'm presuming that if you appealed the ticket then you sent the bottom slip off requesting a court appearance. If I were you I wouldn't chase the officer up about this. Put quite simply they have 6 months to summons you to court if they intend going ahead with a prosecution. If your summons doesn't appear in these 6 months then you have got away with it. If you are summonsed then the bad news im afraid is that you stand very little chance of getting away with it. Driving with no insurance is an absolute offence. You either have it or you don't and in the eyes of the law the driver always commits the offence. The likely outcome is 6 points, an increased fine and having to pay the £15 victim surcharge. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  13. Cheshire transferee

    Yikes.. In that case id say we should get results by the end of the week.
  14. Cheshire transferee

    Where have you heard that the papersift has finished from? I'll be stalking the postman the next few days now.
  15. A-Levels

    Its still a suggestion at this point but who knows.. Sounds like a stupid idea to me though!!