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    On the whole, Freeman ideas are used by those that don't want to have to pay taxes or abide by laws like the rest of society. There are a small minority that fully believe the freeman ideology.
  2. Border Force adopting MET uniform

    I've not seen the new immigration uniform. My opinion and comments are based on the Met uniform. It's uncomfortable, poor wearing and looks tatty after a couple of washes. IF UKBA / Immigration have gone with this uniform, then those that have to wear it will realise pretty quickly just how poor it is. The trousers are supposed to be rip-stop. Everyone that I know has gone through two pairs of these trousers as they are prone to tearing! They are worse than the uniform they are meant to replace. I am totally against the paramilitary look that is currently starting to creep in to police forces and other agencies with an enforcement role.
  3. Border Force adopting MET uniform

    How much did they charge you for this 'privilege'? What ever it was, you were ripped off. The uniform is awful.
  4. TSRGD APP - Is this useful for the Police?

    I think this would be a useful application. I'll give it a go when it is released. My only question would be on how accurate it is.
  5. Met Police new uniform?

    Or more than likely - self issued! Oh gasp, the horror!
  6. Conway - Whilst I understand what you're highlighting in legislation, PACE also says that a constable MUST suspect that they will find said item that they are searching for. Simply refusing to open a car door or 'comply' with a police officer doesn't give you grounds. It might form part of your grounds but would need to be supported by something else. Say, strong smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle? As for dealing with people like this. The constant criticising in the media as well as lack of support from senior ranks within the job has given way to a large number of officers who are concerned about making 'griefy' arrests like this in case of getting arrested. Knowledge is power. It's been said before but knowing your legistaion and powers won't lead you far wrong. Only last week I threatened to arrest a passenger in a car for failing to provide me his details after he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. A minor offence but how can I give you a ticket, or use my discretion when you're being evasive? In the end he gave me his details. This robustness appears to be lacking in the recent years. There's a fine line and when someone refuses details, it has to make you wonder just why...
  7. New Pension Increases

    Like I said, I won't hold my breath....!
  8. New Pension Increases

    Traffic Bob, I can't recall where I saw it although I am sure it came from the federation that this year will be the first year and will be a 1% pay increase (we have two federation reps on our relief) Giving that we've been shafted everywhere else, I won't hold my breath for this...
  9. Olympics medallion

    I emailed our Awards team for the Met and was told that they are currently sorting out the eligibility for this 'award'. I'm not surprised it's taking the Met so long to sort it out but at least now there is confirmation that Met officers will get it, if they want it that is.
  10. New Pension Increases

    Yup, it'll go up to 13.5% this year. Looking at the math, it'll wipe out our 1% inflation pay rise in October. They give with one hand, then take with another....
  11. Can anyone tell me how the new pay scale will work for those already on it and yet to reach the top of it? I'm a seven year PC, albeit on a six year PC's pay. When the new scale starts next year, what will this mean for me? I started with the Met on the 20th March 2006. Also, what does the specialist skills threashold mean? Thanks, Rich
  12. What a joke. It's settlements like this that show how weak this country is. By under taking voluntary training like this you expect the training to be physically and to a degree, mentally tough. God help her if she'd been involved in the London riots.
  13. As per the title, During a daily briefing the other day one of our Federation reps mentioned that this rumour was in fact true. I for one hadn't heard of this and neither had any of the other public order officers in the room! From what our Fed rep has told us, the home secretary is planning to deploy public order officers to Northern Ireland to help PSNI with the current troubles. The plans are for two week secondments. There are obvious arguments against this which i'm told are being fought at the highest levels. I'm not holding out for much. The arguments about why they can't / shouldn't do this aside, has anybody else heard anything about this?
  14. Olympics medallion

    Stemma, or anyone else - do you have the link for that JBB circular? Still no news in the Met.
  15. A fleshlight. It was in his bag. Google what they are I was surprised to say the least.