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  1. report on summons

    I have not used the P31 file now for some time, however as has been mentioned they are mainly used for traffic offenses & I have also used it where the offender is a juvenile (again driving offenses) and have done the contempt note i/v in presence of the parents....it's always there as an option and a way of the non-crime file supervisor binning it if required as not much is needed for the file !!!
  2. Police bail

    Have a look at this site, it explains all.....nearly as good as the PNLD/Constables companion BAIL
  3. It is a bit different with the TA. I assume if you are a member of the TA prior to joining there would be no problem as it comes under the reservists act, but if you join when you are in, they may be a bit fussy !!!
  4. Failed & Angry

    The thing is Ste, is that you should not feel angry with yourself, just keep on going for it if it's what you want to do....Ok it was a bit different a few years back (6.5), however see an interview as a way of finding out what is going on...yes, make sure you do some research, however 9/10, you will find interviews are based on what they asked you in your application form..... Good luck whatever you do !!!
  5. I found that the only time you needed some type of assistance is with the formats of the PIRT (I don't think it is called that, been in now 6.5 yrs !!!) How does the CD help for those who have not heard it? The other site which can assist is POLICE CAN YOU
  6. You will no doubt be asked to wait until after your period of probation (2yrs) so as it supposedly does not interfere with the job....I am a bit naffed as this has been given to other people who are not involved with cadets, but went off on the tall ships !!!
  7. For the last 3 years I have been given 40hrs special paid leave to go on annual camps with the Cadets. However this year we have had a new SHRA in place and she has been querying this and it looks like I will not get it this year which means that because of other family holidays & leave I will not be able to go !!!! Is anybody else in the same position and is anybody able to provide any documentation relating to RFCA policies or special paid leave policies? Thanks in advance
  8. 999-1

  9. Gloucestershire areas

    Hi there James....start with looking at the GLOUCESTERSHIRE CONSTABULARY WEBSITE This link takes you to the Force areas. I currently work within the Forest & Gloucester Division and I have to say that it is a cracking area to work in. The main areas are Gloucester City Centre & the Forest of Dean. It all depends where you wish to live......Obviosly the closer to Gloucester, the more like to get F&G....the living costs are not to bad and I travel 15 miles to work each day and the only problem that I come across is parking in the City area......any further questions, either get in touch with recruiting or post some more on this site !!!
  10. Unfortunately, I disagree with what has been said here....Yes PCSO's have a role and can only do certain things, however I know that PCSO's in the Gloucester area will always go that extra bit further if required. You cannot stand back and just watch....yes the role is not confrontational, so it has been said, however, if you were off duty, see a person getting beaten up, just a visible presence sometimes close to the action is enough to get the people away and yes, monitor them but if you can stop something happening do it Only the other day did PCSO's chase an offender that had broken into a car and they detained him and the person was charged after admitting the offence and it was a cracking job.... In relation to the other incident where the youngster was left to drown...I know even Police Officers are told not to enter water and call for help but it is down to the individual officer or PCSO.....Unfortunately the media have taken this one a bit to far !!!
  11. what are you like?

    This is quite a good topic, as Police don't speak with members of the public now as much as they used to....The PCSO's do a grand job and 90% of the time, they supply information from the streets. However I am a response Officer and I have to say, whenever I get the chance to get out on foot or even have a lull in the battle, I will always speak with anyone, even the nominals in the area as even though they hate the Police, they do have respect for individual officers because of how they are spoken to and are more likely to help when nicked for an offense or speak to you about general criminal matters
  12. I think i hate it already...

    I think what Black Rat means is the PDU area within the area that only people with Resident FED access can enter....I have had a quick look and it looks good !!!!
  13. Section 5 always works the best and people are likely to accept it as they don't want a criminal record or to be embarrased when their partners pick them up from the nick Again like you said, it's down to the person and no doubt when they wake up in the morning, they will probably end up being disposed of by PND anyway
  14. Sergeant and Inspectors Promotion Exam Help

    I went for my exam this year and unfortunately failed at 48%....however this has not put me off and I am going for it again this year...I used Advance last year, but did not use the books enough....Advance was a cracking package, however i di not use it to my advantage.....This year I am using Police-training.co.uk and am finding it quite good...lets see what happens in March
  15. The Policemans blog

    I found this site a while back now and find that it makes good reading......the one story that I have a lot of time for is one about an ex service man who had been a victim of Criminal damage...this can be read in the blog