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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know at what stage finance check is done? Is it at the start of the vetting process or at the last stage of the vetting process? Many thanks. Moto
  2. Had to remove the PDF attachment due to copyright issues. If you want to practice maths and verbal reasoning questions similar to the ones in AC, follow this SHL link - http://www.shldirect.com/en/practice-tests Regards Moto
  3. ryanf I have been told standard is now higher, more like graduate level. More like these types of questions -
  4. WM307, did you pass your AC? How did you do with numerical part?
  5. Metropolitan Police has re-opened recruitment

    I can't remember now. It was for detention officer and not for police officer. However, I spoke to a chap from Met enquiry and he said there are still (few) spaces available, just the case finding the right advert with valid phone number.
  6. Metropolitan Police has re-opened recruitment

    Wrong number!!! I have been calling and texting all different numbers that I could find relating to recruitment advert. Finally, got the one that was still open. Moto