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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, I know there are other posts regarding assessment days but I thought I'd start a new one to save me and hopefully others scrolling through vast amounts of posts!! So I got the call yesterday to say I've made it through to the Assessment day (which for me will be November 28th) for the Police Now graduate programme. To say I'm nervous would be an understatement!! I've had various applications and interviews with the police before and been let down a few times so am really keen to go into this one fully prepared and determined to get the job which I am! I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips about the day in general or about these things which they've told us will happen: 1. Role Play (I believe this is very customer service based) 2. Presentation (no idea about this!) 3. Numerical and Verbal Reasoning assessments 4. Competency based interview (Am I right in thinking this will be like other interviews I've had with the Police in the past?) 5. In tray analysis test Also anyone else out there who has made it through to the assessment day for Police Now? :) Thanks , Jo
  2. Training Hendon

    Hello, I have been given my start date for the end of October but wondered what supplies etc I needed to take with me on the day? Also is there any other information I need to know before I start? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Cheshire Constabulary is currently recruiting Police Constables, and is specifically seeking (but not limited to) those with a transferable SEARCH assessment score of 50 or over to apply to the Constabulary. We accept a SEARCH assessment score of over 50 if gained in the last 12 months. If you have failed at SEARCH assessment centre, you will still be able to apply to Cheshire, however, not if you failed in the last 6 months. Opportunity not to be missed! For more information about out PC recruitment go to our website;
  4. Join Cheshire Police!

    Cheshire Constabulary’s Transferee Recruitment window is currently open! Are you a Detective Constable working for a Home Office Police Force? Considering a change of scenery and eagerly anticipating new challenges? We are specifically looking for PIP level 2 qualified Constables at the rank of Detective (however still accepting applications from Police Constable) to join Cheshire Constabulary! Cheshire is one of the United Kingdom's most significant historical counties and boasts some of England's finest stately homes. Cheshire is an extremely desirable county to live and work, with beautiful countryside and really spirited towns all within minutes of each other. It is also ideally situated with two major cities (Manchester and Liverpool) right around the corner, you’ll never have a lack of things to see or do. For those who wish to venture farther afield and visit the surrounding counties, Cheshire is perfectly located with easy access to, Wales, Scotland, The Isle of Man, and even Northern Ireland. Cheshire Constabulary is an equal opportunities employer and is actively seeking to have a workforce representative of the communities that we police and serve. We promote positive action and offer support and mentoring to all staff and potential applicants and candidates from underrepresented groups. We are specifically welcoming applications from candidates who are from underrepresented groups to transfer to Cheshire Constabulary. Start your new chapter, fill in an application today!
  5. Transfer to Cheshire Constabulary!

    Cheshire Constabulary’s Transferee Recruitment window is currently open! Are you a Detective Constable working for a Home Office Police Force? Considering a change of scenery and eagerly anticipating new challenges? We are specifically looking for PIP level 2 qualified Constables at the rank of Detective (however still accepting applications from Police Constable) to join Cheshire Constabulary. Cheshire Constabulary is an equal opportunities employer and is actively seeking to have a workforce representative of the communities that we police and serve. We promote positive action and offer support and mentoring to all staff and potential applicants and candidates from underrepresented groups. We are specifically welcoming applications from candidates who are from underrepresented groups to transfer to Cheshire Constabulary. Start your new chapter, fill in an application today!
  6. Hi everyone, have my assessment day on the 24th of June and looking for some advice. I've been studying hard, similar preparation as my initial interview but looking to see if I'm missing anything out. I've been studying the police scotland structure, priorities and Competencies. Going over examples of the Competencies and trying to answer using the STAR method. Spoke to probationers and serving officers before the initial interview but should I try speak to more for assessment centre? I know the people who have done the assessment centre can't go into much detail but any help would be great. Don't want to miss anything out! Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, My names Ryan James, I am a police cadet from Northamptonshire Police, I am based in Wellingborough and on my third week of training, Hope to become a regular once I finish cadets.
  8. I'm waiting on my training date and posting and was wondering whether people have tended to get their first choices when it comes to area postings? I personally went for: 1) Islington, Camden, and Westminster 2) Enfield, Hackney, and Haringey 3) Lambeth, Southwark, and Lewisham
  9. Hi Guys, I am joining the Met this month and have an existing pension with a former company which I have converted into a private pension. Is it possible to transfer the pension into the Police Pension Scheme 2006? Thanks, Ant
  10. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the Met provide boots in the uniform or if there is an allowance, etc? Thanks, Ant
  11. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone, I start on the Feb 2014 course at Hendon and will be posted to Harrow. Look forward to speaking to anyone that is on my course and will be posted to Harrow! Thanks, Ant
  12. Pol 1

    What do police mean when they say 'im just with a pol 1 in the cells/hospital'? If you try to google it, nothing comes up. Thanks for any replies.
  13. Hi, I have got through all the assessments and just waiting to hear back on vetting for Met Police 2014. I've applied to the Met grad scheme. I just want to know - is this just a scheme where you build up high level knowledge in various different departments that is designed to enable you to become a future leader when you feel the time is right? The reason I ask is that I don't want to be a Sergeant after 2 years, or Insp after 5. Fair enough to those who do, and I know a Chief Inspector at my current force who is fantastic and only has 7 years in the job, but I just don't want to do that because I'd ideally like to specialise in CID/firearms (Counter Organised Crime/Terrorism). So will the grad scheme give you the tools, and then you are allowed to choose your own progression when the time is right? I'd obviously want to do my Sgts exam as soon as possible but I'd like to be a PC with at least 3-5 years experience before i make that progression, and a Sgt for at least 4 before I look at Insp. I've already been a Special with over 3000 hours of shifts over 4 years, and a lot of the PCs I work with tell me to just go for HPDS/Grad Scheme (intact my Sergeant persuaded me to apply to grad scheme in the first place). I also have military training having been in the TA whilst at University and a little longer after that for 4 years. So I already do have some slightly applicable experience. I just don't want to be Chief Inspector of Procurement and Supplies ordering in BIC pens when I'm 35!!
  14. Close Protection Training

    Dear all, As you can see I am new to the Forum. I am enquiring (sorry if this is posted in the wrong area of the Forum) about interest in Close Protection training. With all the cuts to the Police and Windsor schemes such as A19 would some officers be interested in being trained for work in the Close Protection arena? Many ex servicemen go into close protection when they come out of service as they have the necessary skills. As we all know PI (Private Investigator) is a common job for ex police officers however with all the changes to this job (SIA lisence/new laws etc) this may become an unpopular route after retirement. I feel that Police Officers (especially firearms/sureveilence/intel) hold the necessary skills and training to be a Close Protection Operative so was wondering what you guys thought? Do you think ex police officers would consider this role after working for the Police? As most of you probably know the Close Protection world can offer exciting opportunities in the UK and also overseas paying very good money and a Close Protection Operative working overseas can often earn up to £100,000 per year. I look forward to your responces. Regards
  15. Why are police like footballers?

    Why do police arrest you for the slightest tap saying your being arrested for assaulting a police officer like say from a tap on the shoulder or a kick between the knee and foot that dont give you no injury or even leave a mark YET when u assault someone its a defensive method. Are the public not allowed to defend themselves against cops? Or are only cops allowed to defend themselves? Personally i think cops are a lot like male footballers aka the slightest tap and you're writhering on the ground in agony (and yes i dont know how to that word beginning with W but please dont be snobs and bring it up) Thanks Thanks for any replys
  16. Hi, im new to the forum. Just curious as to whats so wrong with swearing at the police and why do people get arrested for it? Is it because the police dont want to seem to look like pushovers and are just using there power? Thanks for any responses
  17. So British Transport Police are recruiting again. I've spent a full 8 hours or so today putting together and submitting my application (which is thankfully electronic). Has anyone else decided to put their name in the hat this time? Hopefully it won't be a replay of 2011's summer recruitment process which to say the least...the odds weren't good!
  18. Just a quick one... A while back (late summer 2012), I was the back-seat passenger in a friends car, we were innocently driving around, as all of us had recently passed our driving tests and the novelty of driving had yet to be worn off. We must have been out on this 'cruise' (a weekly occurrence); however, this time til around 4am (yes it's odd, but simply we had nothing better to do). A police van clocks us and pulls us over, the two officers come over and state there have been robberies in the area and they have seen the vehicle we were all in a few times. One officer proceeded to say he will search us and the vehicle, not before they check all our ID, so we comply and hand over our ID to the other officer who went off back to the van and I can only presume did some background checks, he came back no more than 5 minutes later and said "everything's fine" and gave our ID back. The search on us and the vehicle never took place, instead they decided to spend the next 20 minutes talking to us all about getting into the police and their career backgrounds (although they were both fairly cynical of the force!!) - which was great for me! Overall after the initial stop we had a friendly banter, we all then said bye, we went one way they officers another. I've never really thought much of it, but ever since I've been in the process for Strathclyde, I'm becoming really paranoid, should I write a letter and disclose this event, or is really nothing to worry about, that was the only time I've ever been involved with police, other than helping them or simply inquiring regarding police officer careers. Hope you can shine some light on this issue, Many thanks, George
  19. Hello everyone !!! I'm on my last year of college on National Diploma in IT, and looking forward to finish with the Distinction. However I don't fill like IT is something I like to do for the rest of my life. Since I was little boy I always want to become the policeman. I fell like this is what I want to do since I really like to help people and make the street safe. My question is what should I do in order to become the Police Officer? Should I go to University if yes what course should I chose and can you give me some examples of University around the UK? Or should I go and join the Police right now? However I hear a lot about that there is no places in Police and that I will have to wait couple of years in order to get the job as the Police Officer but I don't care if I have to move to different area its not a problem for me. I'm also sure I wont have any problem with the fitness test. I'm also not sure if i have the right qualification like i Say before I'm about to finish National Diploma in IT but my GSCE result that i have in the school before aren't good as I'm not originally from UK I come to England about 6 years ago and i struggle a lot on the beginning as i had some problem with people discriminating me because i was from different country but enough of excuses I'm about to retake my GSCE English and Maths this year and I'm sure i will get better result on Maths i see what result i get on English. The reason I'm asking is that i want to take some actions and i want to move forward but i don't really know how should i start. So pleas give me some advice for direction that i should chose. If any of you can provide me with some answers i will highly appreciate it Thanks and sorry for my English
  20. Strathclyde police questions

    Hi, I'm currently 17 and am set on joining the police force.I have a few questions which any currently serving officers could answer. How long does the recruitment stage usually take to be completed? What is the general age of officers as im applying as soon as I turn 18? Are there great risks involved in policing? Thanks Conor
  21. I need some help. I have a diagnoiss of Aspergers and Ankastic Personality Disorder. All I have done is send an email to trading standards, companies house several times over the past about certain company's / charity status, I was suspicious about. I sent it several times to trading standards as they didn't do anything and then after I quoted it again they came back with the reply then they told me they could do something and did. Then I heard a radio interview where a person who works for this company was saying 'the internet and servers works from manchester',' i was invented in Manchester' and i contacted the radio station and said I didn't believe it was true, the net and hosting works from different places all over the country. The radio station said they would look into it, and contacted that guy from the interview and they replied to me saying he didn't mean to imply this. After that contact, with the radio station few days later I got a voicemail on my internet phone, telling me to 'watch my back and that this person was coming after me.' I told the police, they, found the number that called me. Then I had to cancel a domain name because my details were in it and after getting the voicemail I was in fear he would come after me. The police told me they were going to issue a harassment warning against the person. They told me that they had done this and that was it. Now it seems I'm being accused of harassment, as the police turned up at home while I was out yesterday. I could be wrong, it could be something to do with my using a pseudonym online, as I have no friends due not being able to socialise or go out, and people not accepting I am different with Autism, I create an imaginary ideal world to get to speak with people, to pass the time. I have social workers about this. They want to ' Have a chat' with me. Which means they will have to arrested me on suspicion of something so they can speak to me?
  22. Hi All, Just thought i'd start this topic as there were quite a few questions, queries and worries that I had during recruitment that weren't necessarily relevent to a particular topic. I have come to understand that we have quite a few CNC Serving officers, CNC recruits both waiting for and in training and people who have gone through the entire recruitment process recently who may be able to help you with your queries. Obviously there are certain specifics that people cant go into with regard to the recruitment process, training and general duty but any questions and worries etc will be answered here in a way that will help you and and hopefully put any worries at ease! Also for everyone to keep each other updated with any developments in recruitment. Best of luck to everyone in the application process. :)
  23. Hi all, Can anyone shed any light?.. I will soon be attending an initial police assessment centre with a force and this will be lasting approximately 1.5 hours at the police HQ and will consist of psychometric tests and written exercises. If I am successful at this stage I will be invited to the standard NPIA assessment day at Ryton on Dunsmore. Has anyone ever gone through a recruitment route such as the one above, I was aware most forces just use one 5 hour assessment at Ryton. I'm not sure if by doing the psychometric tests and written exercises at the HQ I will be then doing the same at Ryton, or will they mark an overall score between the two days. If anyone could assist I'd be much obliged, Thanks.
  24. Hello all, Just wondered if there are is anyone applying to Norfolk Constabulary as a transferee. I have been informed that my application has been received but I'm still to hear if I have an interview. It would be good to network :)
  25. Multi-skilling Test

    Hi- I've been invited to an assessment day for a police staff role. As part of the assessment, there will be a multi-skilling test. Does anyone have any idea what this will involve? Thanks :)