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UKPO NEWS:Chief To Investigate Suspended ACPO Colleague

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 07:25 am

Chief constable will look at matters that led to counterpart being suspended.South Wales Police Chief Constable Peter Vaughan has been appointed to investigate the allegations against the suspended Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary Stuart Hyde.

Cumbria Police Authority, which has kept CC Hyde off work despite the IPCC saying the allegations did not constitute serious misconduct, said the suspension was “a neutral act” that helped facilitate the investigation.

But the watchdog also said “some matters” may require further investigation and the police authority picked CC Vaughan to carry out the probe.

The authority said it was reviewing CC Hyde’s suspension every four weeks.
In a statement, CC Hyde said: “The IPCC has concluded that there was no evidence of serious misconduct requiring further investigation by them. Cumbria Police Authority, however, decided to investigate some matters further.

“Since then I have co-operated fully and voluntarily submitted more information to them.
“I am disappointed that my suspension continues. I look forward to the investigation concluding and I remain absolutely committed to return to my role as chief constable and to serving Cumbria.”

In the meantime, the force’s acting chief is DCC Bernard Lawson, of Merseyside Police.

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 09:11 am

We're continually led to believe that this country is skint, are we not? The Police, in these times of austerity, are taking the brunt of government cut backs. Consequently, recruitment to the Police is now very limited with most forces - not least Cumbria - having long standing recruitment freezes, which show no signs of letting up. Police staff are being made redundant - and experienced Officers, with considerable expertise are being dumped under the guise of the A19 regulation. Yet Cumbria can seemingly afford to have it's Chief Constable suspended, presumably on full pay, and bring in a temporary replacement despite the fact the IPCC has deemed his conduct does not amount to serious misconduct. You can only conclude then that Cumbria Police are pretty flush finances wise, irrespective of what they might tell us.

Of course, I don't have much time for those who populate the ACPO ranks. You could probably suspend the lot of 'em and those of us at the coal face wouldn't even notice a blind bit of difference - with the exception of fewer diktats from above which pander to the latest whim of their political masters.

But the real issue for the tax payer here is, if his conduct doesn't amount to serious misconduct, then why is he still suspended? And how much is this all costing? I mean, Christ knows how much it'll all cost for another ACPO Officer to investigate this on top of everything else, it won't be cheap, but to what end?

Someone seriously needs to get a grip of this. It's been dragging on far too long. The IPCC, at what must be surely record-breaking speed by their own painfully slow and incompetent standards, made a quick decision it would seem on the seriousness of this. In short, they're not interested. You can only draw inferences from that.

If this was one of the rank and file, he/she would be still working and stuck behind a desk pending the out come of the investigation. That said, I guess you can't really stick Mr HYDE behind a desk - it would no doubt amount to a resumption of full duties...

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 10:35 am

Some good points made by morek54. As stated, the IPCC made a decision in under 4 weeks - must be some kind of record. As for returning to work, Stuart Hyde is Cumbria's temporary Chief Constable, following the previous CC going down to the Met a few months ago.

Surely, following the IPCC's comments, it would be appropriate for Mr Hyde could take up his usual role of Deputy CC, under the command of Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Lawson from Merseyside Police, who is currently in charge of Cumbria and I would assume capable of overseeing what Mr Hyde is up to.

A sizeable chunk of my rates go towards maintaining Cumbria Constabulary and it's frustrating to think that some of this is paying for Mr Hyde to be at home on gardening leave. :g:

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 04:55 pm

They've just announced its going to take another 4 weeks, at least. This has been going on for months. The IPCC have already investigated and decided its nothing serious enough for them to act. The allegations are that his management style is heavy handed. Which means all the accusers, witnesses and "victims" work for Cumbria Constabulary. How on earth can it take this long to investigate!! Meanwhile we have someone suspended on full pay and other police investigating him when they could be putting time and resources in to tackling crime.

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