What are the reasons people call the police in the UK. ?

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I have an assignment and I cant find anything online.
I am searching for a two separate lists or pie-charts displaying the reasons that police are called out (in the UK). for 999 and 101.


Street violence - 60%
Robbery - 20%
Domestic Violence - 10%
Road Accidents - 10%

(i made-up the figures above).
but i wrote it so you know what type of thing I am searching for.

Also: if you happen to be a policeman, then I would also really appreciate if you could give me an approximate break list and percentages (based on your personal experience)

i am not talking about Reasons that people call the police (ie: cat in tree).
I am talking about actual valid call-outs where police will actually come to a location.

Many thanks.

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Asking on a forum is not going to give you any valid information. You will get some opinions based on officers' memory and restricted by their location and area of work.

All incidents have to be recorded under the National Standard of Incident Recording (NSIR). You should be able to get the data of incidents recorded online from the ONS or if not request it from the forces you are interested in by a FOI request.

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